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Merging company files (5)

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Merging company files (5)

I have read a bit about amalgamation of company files in the forum.  This doesn't seem to be an easy processes.  The challenge I am facing is that I have joined an organisation that has 5 company files (2 in the cloud and 3 on desktop).  The organisations isn't big enough for this and therefore they should be amalgamated.  Another challenge is that they do not have a single chart of accounts.  Once I create a standardised chart of accounts, will I be able to amalgamate the files and get the history?  Or should I simply accept that this data will not be able to be brought across.  I understand that I may also have an issue with payroll.  Here is what I am looking for:

  • Are there any MYOB partners that do this on a regular basis that I can contact?  (The search function isn't helpful as it filters by location only)
  • If I choose to do the amalgamation myself, can I get more details on the processes beyond "export the data and use the import assistant"?  The challenge is that in the new file I will want to have each of the 5 previous company files delineated using "jobs".  But they currently do not have jobs against the individual transactions.  So when and how do I allocate a job to the historical information so that when it is amalgamated it is clear there are 5 jobs?  I would think this would be possible as a bulk change for the file, but am not versed enough in the software to do so.
  • I read that payroll will be an issues.  So how do I solve this issue?  Do I have to manually re-do all the past payrolls?  I would prefer not to since there are journal entries between the various company files that relate to past payroll.
  • If I want to get historical data, does that mean I have to importa the data as if it is a past year? i.e. 2019 whilst it is 2021 at the moment?  I will want to close months and years once the system is brought up to date, but I fear that with a large amount of historical data uploaded this will prove a time concuming exercise to ensure the files are 'reconciled' electronically.


Ultimately I am trying to find the balance between clearning the system up and not spending a fortune to make it right.


Any help and guidance is much appreciated.




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Re: Merging company files (5)



AccountRight company files are treated as individual company files and thus merging of those files can be complex, especially if you haven't done it before or had a lot of experience with the Import/Export Assistant.

Generally speaking, the recommendation I would go for would be to draw a line in the sand and take the balances of the contacts and accounts before combining these manually for the new AccountRight. You can then enter those balances through Setup>>Balances or the Easy Setup Assistant.

The other option would be through exporting the required records and then import them into a new company file. Help Article: Importing and exporting tips - Create a new company file by importing from another company file outlines the process. If you do feel that you may want further assistance on that process or an expert hand along with posting on this Forum, checking out what MYOB Advisors are in your area may be an alternative.


In terms of adding jobs, in theory, you could do this as part of the importing. You would need to manually add the job to each transactional line you are importing which could be a big task. Note: You would need to ensure that you have added the job to the Job list in the new file through Lists>>Jobs prior to the importing of that data.


Payroll history would be something to be aware of. Generally, you want to finalise your previous pays in the older company files and then only process the new pays in that new file. This would give you the previous pays in the old file and the new pays in the new file to give you a combined total for the payroll year. 


Historical data is totally up to you whether you want to bring it across. If you are wishing to bring it across you would be looking at ensuring that you set the conversion month of the new file accordingly so that you can import that information - can't import information prior to the conversion month. Although, if you do have a large amount of historical data, importing the current transactions may be a better option as it would mean less data import, less adding of jobs if you go down that route, and also not bog down the new company file with historical data.

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