"Which MYOB solution is right for my client?"

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"Which MYOB solution is right for my client?"

A question I often hear from MYOB partners goes a little something like this: “I don’t know which MYOB to recommend to my client.”


Ok, that’s more a statement than a question, but you get my drift.


With a plethora of solutions available – like BankLink, Essentials Cashbook, Essentials Accounting, AccountRight (and Advanced and EXO) – it’s a fair question (or statement as the case may be).


Let’s go over each solution to clarify who each is best suited for, from a small business point-of-view.


If you have clients that don’t want to get involved in their bookwork:




The typical BankLink client wants very little to do with their accounts. In fact, they want you to manage things for them. They trust you to do the right thing by them.


Their focus is on their business, not on the accounts. Their business has a relatively simple set of accounts and structure.




MYOB Cashbook clients (like BankLink clients) have very simple accounting needs. They really, REALLY want you to do their accounts. However when they do need to get involved, they want access to their numbers online. That way they can access it via web browser on Mac, PC, tablet or mobile.


When you have clients that are happy to get their hands dirty:




MYOB’s browser-based accounting solution for small businesses, Essentials Accounting is for clients that are happy doing the books themselves. They want it to be easy, though. And online.


Essentials Accounting is suitable for most small businesses in Australia and New Zealand, including those with employees. Plus there’s a growing add-on ecosystem to tailor the software to individual needs.




The power-house of the MYOB small business range, AccountRight is for businesses that want power and control. AccountRight provides all the opportunities associated with working online, with the flexibility to work without internet access.


AccountRight users want more than just accounting software – they want to manage their business with one solution. Which makes it the ideal for businesses that need to manage a lot of stock and handles complex payroll, too. Think retail, hospitality, manufacturing and trades.


There’s also a large range of add-on solutions to choose from.


Compare MYOB Essentials Accounting and MYOB AccountRight


At the end of the day, the key thing to remember is that there’s an MYOB solution for every stage of a business’s lifetime: from sole trader start-up to multi-location incorporated company and beyond.


Plus there are conversion services to help move from competitor products to MYOB, and from AccountRight to Essentials. So really, there’s nothing stopping you from ensuring your clients are up-to-date with the latest in business accounting technology.


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