Custom Labels for the Zebra Barcode Printer

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Custom Labels for the Zebra Barcode Printer

Just to give an idea on setup of custom labels (in this case for the Zebra/Eltron LP2824 using a 10 x 6 roll).


Note: Settings are customised in 2 places - 1) on the printer settings itself and 2) on MYOB Retail Manager.


10 x 6 CM ROLL

1. Install the Eltron/Zebra printer driver according to the instructions that came with the printer.
2. Click the Windows Start button and choose Devices and Printers (in Windows XP choose Printers and Faxes).
3. Rightclick the Zebra printer and choose Printing preferences. The Printing Preferences window is displayed.
4. Click the Page Setup tab then click New.

Sample dimensions below:


5. In RetailManager, go to the Setup menu and choose Options.
6. Click Printing and set the Bar Code Printer to the driver you installed in step 1.
7. Click Apply then click OK.
8 Go to the Tools menu and choose Custom Bar Codes.
9. Click Label Options.
10. Click Add and type in the name of your custom barcode in the Label description field, in other words 'Zebra 2824 10 X 6cm'.
11. Click Apply then click Yes to the confirmation prompt.

Sample Dimensions:


12. Click Apply then click Yes to save the changes.

Click Close. You are now ready to print your barcodes 





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Re: Custom Labels for the Zebra Barcode Printer

It is not possible to enter any values into the Horizontal Label Gaps field, for labels that appear 2 accross, for example for THT-37-483-10 labels.


Also, for this label type, whenever I select it, I get an error


Error occurred resetting label grid.

[Invalid property array index].


we get this error each time it is selected and whenever we opent the custom bar codes window 


I have tried remaking the label from scratch, which does not fix the issue.  Other custom bar codes, with a single row of labels work fine.  Despite the error, the lables print fine, it's just annoying to have the error every time we go to print a bar code.


The settings on the label options are as below.


Page Size Width: 8.001 cm

Page Size Height: 1.254 cm

Page Margins Top: 0cm

Page Margins Left: 0cm

Label Size Width: 4.1cm (should be 3.8cm - needed to set higher as Horizontal Width cannot be set)

Label Size Height: 1.24cm

Label Gaps Horizontal: 0cm (should be 0.4cm)

Label Gaps Vertical: 0.207cm

Stock Description Font: Arial

Stock Description Size: 6

Bar Code Font: Arial

Bar Code Size: 6

Bar Code height 25% of label

Label Corner Radii: 0cm

Stock Price Font: Arial

Stock Price Size: 6

Stock Price Left Justify from Right: 0.5cm

Date Left Justify from Right: 0.5cm

Date format: ddMMyy



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