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Merging of 2 MYOB files & 2 MYOB retail managers

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Merging of 2 MYOB files & 2 MYOB retail managers

We have a client that has the following set-up: -

retail store 1 - MYOB file and Retail Manager

retail store 2 - MYOB file and Retail Manager.


To report, we then need to combine the files into our software.


We would like to look at combining the two MYOB files & 2 retail managers into the one MYOB & Retail Manager.


With the client currently having 2 stores with plans to grow, we would like to be able to track the stores from a reporting basis.


Is there any issues with this?


Thanks for your assistance in advance.





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Re: Merging of 2 MYOB files & 2 MYOB retail managers



You have posted to  an Account right page when you reference what is an AO facility. @Steven_M may be able to move it and assist in answering your question.


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Re: Merging of 2 MYOB files & 2 MYOB retail managers

HI @Dccoutta


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of useful information


In terms of merging multiple RetailManager shopfronts together, it’s worth mentioning that each location will be registered with location specific information. So, if you merge Site A and Site B shopfront files into a new Site A, then any transactions that you record and print out will have Site A details even if they relate to Site B.


I know that one of our great MYOB Partners, @Stuart_Donaldson, has developed a program that does merge multiple RetailManager databases into a single file. He may be able to assist you with merging these multiple shopfronts into one.


As a side note, when you perform the Accounting Export out of RetailManager, you could have multiple Accounting Exports coming out of different stores all being imported into a single AccountRight file.


When you come to combine the two AccountRight files, the only way you can do this is to export out the information from one file and into another. That being said, not all information can be exported out so as a result not all information can be combined within the one file. This information includes any payroll related information as well as bank reconciliations.


Do let us know how you get on with this

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Re: Merging of 2 MYOB files & 2 MYOB retail managers

Running one RetailManager database in 2 stores will not work unless one uses remote access to a computer in the other store - not very statisfactory and difficult to manage stock at each location.  RDPlus (similar to Terminal Services) could be an option, but trading 2 locations from one may contravene your Licence agreement with MYOB unless you maintain 2 Primary registrations as these are licenced by premises.


One AR file loading from 2 RetailManager databases will work fine. It would be advisable to set up different GL codes for the Retail.txt exports so that you can reconcile AR to each RM. Use Jobs in AR to tag the Journals from each store differently as well.


For reporting, management and maintenance of 2 or more RetailManager files look at RM-Multistore from Two Tongue Technology... add on apps do not get better than this!

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