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Retail Manger Cleaning account duplicate transactions

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Retail Manger Cleaning account duplicate transactions



I am using Account Right Live current version.  We use the Retail Manager Clearing account when exporting transactions from Retail Mananger.


When I reconcile the Clearing account in Account Right (which should come back to zero each month)  there are almost daily duplicate transactions that I have to delete each month.  Issue has been going on since we started using the software, I'm guessing there is something conflicting in retail manager which causes it but can't seem to find any anomolies.


It is a waste of time having to do this so would really like to work out whats causing the problem.


any assistance would be appreciated.



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Re: Retail Manger Cleaning account duplicate transactions

HI @sharonK


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great resource


I would start by reviewing the setup that you have for your Accounting Export in RetailManager, and checking the accounts that you have setup for the different aspects of the accounting export.


Additionally, our help article "Use Clearing Account" option in RetailManager does step through the clearing account options and how it works. This article also steps through how that option changes the accounting export and retail.txt file.


Its worth mentioning that using the clearing account option does significantly change the accounting export format and as a result how it appears within AccountRight. I recommend going through the aforementioned help article to understand the journal entries that are created.


I would also be looking to see if it is all of the entries of a day being duplicated or only some entries. If it was all of the entries then it could be that someone is performing the Accounting Export twice.


Do let us know how you get on with this 

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