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Sales Analysis report and inventory management on Retail Manager

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Sales Analysis report and inventory management on Retail Manager

Hi all,


I would appreciate if someone clarify differences between Retail manager and AccountRight Premium.

I would like to get sales reports by produts/customers. Currently, I'm using AccountRight Premium and I cannot generate reports which include Sale/Discount/COGS/Net Profit/Profit Margin on 1 pages.

Is it possible that I can generate Sales Analysis report in more depth by using Retail manager than AccountRight Premium.


The other problem is inventory management. To do that, will Retail Management allow us to manage our inventories more easily? I manufacture and export some products as well as import some products to sell.  

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Re: Sales Analysis report and inventory management on Retail Manager

Hi Sho,

I am not so familiar with Retail Manager, so will let others reply on that point, however as you say you are a manufacturer and export I would guess that AR Premier is the better product for you.


However as you noted when using Items Sales in AR Premier the standard reporting down at Margin level is not that flexible.  You may like to look at some of the Add-on solution providers that provider more flexible reporting solutions. See


As an example our Business Intelligence for MYOB software plugs straight into your MYOB company file and out of the box can produce margin reports, over any specified date range by:

  • Item
  • Item custom lists and fields ( e.g. group by product type, brand, pack size etc)
  • Customer
  • Customer custom lists and fields (e.g. group by customer type (export v domestic or Wholesale v Domestic etc)
  • Customer State/City/Postcode
  • Supplier
  • Salesrep on the customer card
  • Invoice salesperson
  • Referal Source
  • and many many more

Below is a screen shot showing a simple Margin by Customer:

- Click on a customer to drill down to see what items they bought or to investigate any margin issues

- Click on the Margin column to sort by Margin to find your best and worst customers.


Margin by Customer.png


Alternatively run your reports to Excel, see attached Margin by Item report.


Further details on our website including a 14 day free trial at

I hope this helps.

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Re: Sales Analysis report and inventory management on Retail Manager

Welcome to the Community Forum @ShoTwe hope you find it beneficial for your MYOB queries.

As per what Jennifer_Kelly has advised above, it is best to continue to use AccountRight Premier for your product needs as a manfacturer. The complexity of the reports will actually be less in RetailManager and will not represent a proper analysis that you are looking for. 

From what Jennifer advised, looking at the Add-On solutions on our website for more complex reporting could be helpful. Please look into this and let us know how you go as we are happy to discuss further.

Kind Regards

MYOB Client Support

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