Essentials reports don't match STP reports

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Essentials reports don't match STP reports

Hi Everyone


Note: The below article is intended for users of the newer MYOB Essentials platform. If you are using the original MYOB Essentials platform do check out this post.


You're reconciling payroll and the payroll reports don't match the STP reports, where do you begin to look for what's causing those out of balance issues?  


In Essentials there are three main reports that we recommend you use when reconciling payroll:

  • Payroll Activity Summary 
  • Payroll Register Summary
  • YTD verification report

The first question you need to ask is... Do the Payroll Activity and Payroll Register reports match?


  • If the answer is NO, this generally indicates that a manual adjustment has been made in Pay History in the employee card. If this is the case, you will need to change the Pay History back to what it was and process any changes/adjustments through Create pay run. Then process a $0 pay to update STP.


  • If the answer is YES, this generally indicates that the issue is being caused by ATO reporting categories that have not been assigned correctly or by pay items that have exempted from PAYG Withholding in error. Follow these steps to find and fix the issues:
  1. Run the Payroll Activity report to narrow down which payroll categories are causing the problem. Clicking on Expand all displays the detail report.
  2. Check that the correct ATO reporting category has been assigned. Change the ATO reporting category as required.
  3. Check if the pay item has been ticked exempt from PAYG in error (pay items>>open the pay item>>check the Exemptions. Remove  PAYG Withholding by clicking on X and Save
  4. Once you have made the necessary changes to the pay item, process a $0 pay to update STP.

Some other really useful reports that can help with EOFY are:

  • Payroll Activity Detail - gives a breakdown of pay items per employee
  • Summary of Payments - this is the individual employee version of the YTD verification report, it's similar to the old payment summary
  • Pay Item Transactions - gives a breakdown of the pay items

If you still having problems after following this process, please don't hesitate to start a new post.

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