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How does Single Touch Payroll (STP) work

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How does Single Touch Payroll (STP) work

Hi everyone


We know that Single Touch Payroll (STP) can be confusing so we want to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible.


Here are some important points to note about how Single Touch Payroll (STP) works:


  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) sends the Year-to-Date amounts (YTD) to the ATO each time you declare a payrun.
  • When a report is sent it is time stamped. The ATO use the time stamp to determine which report is the most recent.
  • Each report overrides the previous report.
  • When the status of a report is sent, it is waiting for a response from the ATO. Once the ATO responds, the status changes to accepted, rejected or accepted with errors. During busy times, like EOFY, it can take longer than normal for the ATO to respond.
  • The YTD verification report will only update once the payrun report has been accepted by the ATO.
  • In STP Phase 2 you can send an Update event by clicking on the Send Update Event button in the Payroll reporting centre. In STP Phase 1, process a $0 pay to send an Update event.

For more information, see these help topics: AccountRight | MYOB Essentials or visit this ATO webpage


Unsent or rejected reports in the Payroll Reporting Centre?


You’ve got old unsent or rejected reports in the Payroll Reporting Centre>>Reports tab, what do you do? The answer to this is really easy…..nothing!

If you have reports that have been accepted after those unsent or rejected reports, then you have already fixed the problem and the YTD amounts have been updated with the ATO.

What happens if you send those unsent reports at the EOFY? Simply put, you’ll mess up your YTD amounts and the YTD verification report. This goes back to the time stamp explained above, you’d be telling the ATO that the YTD amounts in an old report are the most recent.

If you do send an old report, you can fix the YTD amounts by processing a $0 pay with the payment date as the current date. But the best thing you can do is leave those old unsent or rejected reports alone.


Need help viewing STP reports? See these help topics: AccountRight | MYOB Essentials

Need to fix a rejected report? Here’s some help: AccountRight | MYOB Essentials


Payroll Reporting Centre and the ATO Business Portal


For security and audit reasons you can’t delete reports from the Payroll Reporting Centre or the ATO Business Portal. This means that every pay event and update event will be listed, including pays that have been deleted in your software. But that’s ok, you just need to make sure the YTD amounts that you are sending the ATO are always correct.


Want detailed information? Try this post: STP and the ATO Business Portal 


ATO Reporting Categories


You’ve assigned ATO Reporting Categories to your payroll categories but what are they for? Basically, they are the filters that the YTD verification reports uses to sort the YTD amounts.

When your MYOB payroll reports are correct but the YTD verification report is wrong, the amounts are being filtered incorrectly. So, the first thing to check is that the payroll categories have the correct ATO reporting categories assigned.


Learn about assigning ATO reporting categories: AccountRight | MYOB Essentials


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