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MYOB Server Edition - STP2 offline reporting

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MYOB Server Edition - STP2 offline reporting

Hi, we are using MYOB Server Edition. For security & privacy reasons, my boss doesn't trust our MYOB data file to be cloud based.


Up until 2 weeks ago I was still able to submit STP information each payroll to the ATO via MYOB Server Edition (offline). Now I'm met with "Something went wrong".


WHY has this option now been switched off?


Obviously I understand MYOB have specified the data file must be online for STP2 reporting, but this is bullying. It seems MYOB are refusing to listen to their customers who WILL NOT migrate their files online for security reasons, but haven't provided an alternative. 


We have payroll being paid adhoc - not a set payroll day & people submitting timesheets for different pay periods on same day. It is too tedious for us to lodge each pay all over again on an external third party app purely for STP2 reporting requirements. WHAT DO I DO???!!!

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Re: MYOB Server Edition - STP2 offline reporting

Hi @No_Name_ 


I am not sure if this has been switched off by MYOB or not - while the MYOB extension of Phase 2 has expired, there are users who have contacted the ATO and received longer extensions, so it would seem odd/inconsistent for MYOB to deliberately disable Phase 1 reporting via an offline file - perhaps @Steven_M can confirm)


FYI if you want to comply with Phase 2 and keep your file offline, take a look at a program called STP Creator - this was specifically developed for offline MYOB files and works with all versions of MYOB. Cost is $222 for up to 20 employees. This way you get to keep using MYOB offline and complying with STP Phase 2. I hear quite a number of AR2023 users have commenced using this for Phase 2 reporting while continuing to use MYOB offline.


There are also other options (just not from MYOB), however all (except STP Creator) require re-entry of some data.






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