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Pay Processing FAQs with Single Touch Payroll (STP)

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Pay Processing FAQs with Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Product: AccountRight Live


Hi Everyone,


As we approach the beginning of STP reporting for the new Year, we have had a lot of feedback and questions with how to process the Payroll now that there is STP reporting.


This post assumes that you have already set up STP, if you haven't yet I suggest checking out this great post on the Setup of STP: Single Touch Payroll (STP) - Setup FAQs


The main FAQ's:


I've made a pay run before signing up for STP, do I need to re-do my pays?


The MYOB implementation of STP will send your current Pay Period information as well as your Year-to-Date information to the ATO. When you declare your first Pay Run with STP, this will send the Pay History  of the Employee's along with it.


If you have terminated an Employee between your pay runs before signing on to STP, you will need to temporarily reinstate that employee and process a $0 (void) paycheque for the same Pay Period & Date as their Termination Pay then re-enter the Terminatation details into the Card.



What if I make a mistake, how do I correct it with the ATO?


With every pay you declare, you send the updated YTD amounts to the ATO. With this in mind, if you have made a mistake, just correct like you have always done and when it's correct, the next time you run a Pay and Declare it the ATO will know to use the new YTD information that you've corrected.


Have some extra questions on this? Check out our post: Correcting mistakes with Single Touch Payroll



Do I need to do anything differently?


There is now only 1 extra step involved, and that's declaring your Payroll Event to the ATO directly after Recording the Pay.


So the steps would be:


1. Go to: Payroll > Process Payroll

2. Select your period & Employees as needed, then click Next.

3. Edit/Review your Employee's Pays and once you're happy just click Record.

4. Once you confirm the amounts to be recorded, you'll be asked to Declare the Pay Information is correct.

The declaration screen looks like this:


5. Enter the Sender's name (The Payroll Officer or Authorised agent to confirm details) and click Send


Then you're done! The information is sent to the ATO and all that's left is to actually the employees. Just as shown in this support note: Process cash, cheque and electronic pays


You can see your Pay Event by going to: Payroll > Payroll Reporting > Payroll Reporting Centre. Check out this support note: View payroll reports for Single Touch Payroll



What if I need approval before processing and declaring?


The software has you covered, just produce Payroll Verification report by click "Preview Pay Details" and click Save & Close, you can then send this report to your superiors to approve.




There are 2 reports in this window:

  • Payroll Verification - Designed to check the Pays for each employee)
  • Payrun Summary Details - Designed to check the Period to Date values being sent to the ATO

Once you get that approval, just go back to Process Payroll and continue to Record and Declare to the ATO.



I've just processed my Pay Run, how do I check that the Pay Event is on it's way to the ATO?


Once you have declared the Pay Run, it should begin uploading these details to our server to begin sending this to the ATO for acceptance. You can view the report in your Payroll Reporting Centre, just follow this support note: View payroll reports for Single Touch Payroll



What if I need to record my Payroll but can't Declare it right now?


There could be a few reasons why you can't declare right now, but you can still record your Payroll without Declaring and then just declare it later.


After your pay is processed, your pay will be waiting to be sent to the ATO. We just need to go to the Payroll Reporting Centre and send it. Just follow this support note: Send Single Touch Payroll reports after processing payroll



The Pay Event has been showing as "Sending" for over an hour, is this normal?


Yes, this is sending the data to the ATO to have them accept the data. This can take up to 72 hours to process during Peak Periods.


For information on the different status's in the Payroll Reporting Centre, see our support note: View payroll reports for Single Touch Payroll



Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to the Community. Just click Start a Post in the top right and ask your question.

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