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Pay slip

I have an employee who's end of year (last pay for FY) Payslip, does not show the holiday & leave loading pays which were paid last December. Therefore it looks like I have not paid them enough compared to the STP. 

But I have and it reflects on the Payroll register detail - showing the total as being the same as STP.


Can you tell me why this is not showing in the YTD on the payslip?


Can I go ahead and finalise the payroll to Tax Office STP?

I can always supply employee with the payroll register detail.


Please help/advise 

Thank you

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Re: Pay slip

Hi @Twizzy 


Thanks for your post.


The YTD amounts listed on a pay slip are pulled directly from the employee's Pay History. You can see the values via Card File >> Cards Lists >> Employees >> Select the employee's card >> Payroll Details >> Pay History (left-hand side) and select Show Pay History for Year-To-Date.


In some cases, the value will actually disagree with what is shown on a Payroll Report, like the Payroll Activity Summary report. This is because certain payroll reports will look at the history of the card and others will look at the actual payroll transactions. Generally, the difference occurs due to the card history being updated manually where no payroll transaction has been recorded.


I would be looking at running the Payroll Activity Summary and the Payroll Register Summary report and compare these two. The Activity Report looks at the actual payroll transactions, whereas the Register looks at the pay history. If there is a discrepancy with these reports, run them on a per month basis to determine when that discrepancy occurs and ensure that all the relevant pays have been entered for that period. If the pay values are correct, navigate to the Pay History of the employee and manually update the values back to the values of the payroll transactions dated that calendar month. Once completed, this will update the YTD values on the card and the payslips going forward.


I would also make sure that you do have Setup >> Preferences >> Reports & Forms >> Include all YTD amounts and Entitlement Balances on Paycheque stubs is enabled as this will produce the YTD information on a payslip.


Note: if you have already processed a payrun in the new financial year, you will have to restore a backup to adjust pay history from the previous year.


Read this article to check the steps you need to take before finalizing: End of year finalisation with Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Kind regards,

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