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Re-entering deleted Payroll Transaction without re-reporting to ATO

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Re-entering deleted Payroll Transaction without re-reporting to ATO

I have an issue, where we processed an employee's pay, but there was an error.  I re-processed the pay correctly and was in the process of deleting the incorrect pay transaction, however, the lady that processes the pays through the bank does so manually (will not use myob payroll) and she paid the incorrect payroll amount AND the new amount rather than just one.  The deleted payrun was to be picked up next time around for STP and should have been fine, however the physical money has now left the bank for the employee.  


My question is... How to restore the deleted transaction, or how to simply re-process the payrun without reporting to the ATO so that the bank will reconcile and the MYOB file will match the bank and the ATO? Hope this makes sense.

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Re: Re-entering deleted Payroll Transaction without re-reporting to ATO

Hi @BundyOutdoors


As ATO reporting is corrected each time you send a Pay Event you shouldn't need to worry about sending the report or not for fixing any errors.


That said, you would need to re-enter this Pay Run for the employee specifically so that the accounts match real life. I'm assuming you're using AccountRight, in which case you would need to go to: Payroll > Process Payroll and choose to run a Pay run for an Individual and choose the Employee with the error.


Then enter the Pay Run that was deleted. If you're unsure what the amounts where, I would be checking if you printed/sent the payslip before deleting it.


Once you re-enter the pay and begin recording, if you just close the Declaration window. This will not send the report but will continue to record the Pay Run.


(Note to delete the "correct" pay so that the accounts can reconcile.)


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