STP Finalisation Rejection leading to Unfinalised STP

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STP Finalisation Rejection leading to Unfinalised STP

I've come across a few cases where on "EOY finalisation" page shows finalised and ticked, but for some reason if there is an error, the "report" actually shows "Rejected" but this does not reflect your status on "EOY finalisation" page. 


To add to this the "Report" actually does not tell you what is actually rejected as they look all the same on the screen. 


And to fix it, go to your unrolled backup MYOB file, then "unfinalise" every single "finalised" STP then , fix the error often in the employees' card, run a zero payroll to reflect changes, then finally "finalise" EOY STP.


Just to add, EOY finalisation is alphabatically sorted by First name, not the Last name.


I'm wiser after 2:15 phone call.


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