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STP and JobKeeper

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STP and JobKeeper

Hi Everyone


We understand that the end of payroll year is a stressful and confusing time. Throw JobKeeper into the mix and the stress increases, so let’s demystify JobKeeper payments.


As far as Single Touch Payroll (STP) goes, JobKeeper payments are just another allowance….literally. When you created the JobKeeper payroll categories/pay items you assigned the ATO Reporting Category Allowance – Other. This means that JobKeeper payments are reported in the Allowances section of the STP reports, not included in Gross Payments.


Let’s break it down:


  • JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx and JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FNxx codes were used to notify the ATO of the start and finish fortnights. The only amounts allocated to these codes should be minimal cents (eg 0.01) which was required by the software to send that code through STP. These cent amounts can safely be ignored. However if you're unsure, or see that the amounts have increased let us know and we can help investigate.


  • JOBKEEPER-TOPUP is the Allowance category that any top up amounts should have been allocated to when processing payroll. This should have been assigned the ATO reporting category Allowance - Other, so it will be reported in the Allowance section of the YTD verification report. It will not be included in the Gross payments in the YTD verification report. The Gross payments and Allowances in the YTD verification report should add up to the Gross Payments amount in your MYOB payroll reports.


  • if you had employees who earned over $1500 per fortnight and you did not need to pay top up amounts, they should have no payments allocated to JobKeeper codes. All of their income should be reported as normal.


We hope that clarifies how JobKeeper payments should be reported through STP, but if you do need assistance please feel free to start a new post.

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