STP upload doubled for payroll after fall over of payroll first time

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STP upload doubled for payroll after fall over of payroll first time

Payroll for the week 28/6 to the 4/87 was processed on the 5/7. During this process MYOB fell over when we went to prepare electronic payments and the individual payments did not exist.

Upon investigation seeing that we could not complete the payroll process, we deleted all individual pays etc... and started all over again.

This appeared to have worked and everything looked perfect. Still does in the accounts and various reports exept the upload file to the ATO. It has doubled the number of pay slips and the value of the payroll.  e.g. instead of 157 pays it has recorded for the ATO 314. and the $ value is also doubled.

I expect this is going to cause me problems in 12 months time when I come to reconciling my MYOB with the ATO.


Is there a fix I can do? 

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Re: STP upload doubled for payroll after fall over of payroll first time

Hi @AndrewSchloss 


Thanks for your post. The way STP works is that the Year-To-Date (YTD) amounts are updated each time you send a report, each report overrides the previous one and it's the YTD amounts that the ATO are interested in. You just need to reconcile the YTD verification report with the Payroll reports, if the YTD amounts reconcile you're all good. It's a good idea to check this regularly as it's an ATO requirement that the YTD amounts be correct all year, errors need to be fixed within 14 days or you may be fined. 


Additionally, the ATO don't allow for pays to be deleted from the business portal so it would be rare for the portal and the software have the same payruns. This post, STP and the ATO Business Portal, has more information.


Please let me know if you need further help.


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