STP. year end. RESC amounts to be added

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STP. year end. RESC amounts to be added

Dear MYOB.


I need help to complete the payroll year end


1. ATO reporting category


I have been paying car allowance during the year but this is not showing as Car Allowance on the ATO verification report.


I have checked the payroll set up and it is correct but ZERO showing on ATO summary.    It is all included in Gross payents


How can I fix this?


2. RESC – additional amounts to be added to RESC at year end not included in payroll

I have some payments that need to be added to RESC but they are not captured in the payroll and I cannot manually enter them for the STP year end.

The amounts are not paid through the payroll because it relates to fees and charges paid not extra contributions.



How do I update the figures before submitting final report to ATO?


I know I can over write the correct figures in the old way for payment summaries, but not in the new STP set up .


Thank You.  PatD

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