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Understanding the YTD verification report

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Understanding the YTD verification report

Hi everyone


The YTD verification report shows the total of all ATO reporting category amounts sent to the ATO for all employees. This report works the same way as the old payment summary verification report, so if you've used that report in the past you can use this new report in a similar way.



ytd v.png


Here’s some things to note when you’re viewing this report:


  • The Reconciliation to payroll section is not sent to the ATO. It shows total gross wages in the Payroll Summary Report. This amount will differ from the total gross wages reported to the ATO, as it doesn’t include Allowances, CDEP, Foreign Income, ETP components (not ETP Tax), Lump Sum values or any additional reimbursable/employee expenses.
  • The ATO Reporting Category section lists the things that have been submitted to the ATO
  • The Total STP gross wages doesn't include allowances, such as JobKeeper amounts


Your Total STP gross wages should be the same amount as your Total salary and wages as per payroll summary report minus any allowances or other pay components not included in the Reconciliation to payroll section.

If these figures aren’t the same, you may need to check:

  • that your payroll categories have been assigned the correct ATO reporting category. Display the Payroll Category List window (Payroll command centre > Payroll Categories) to see what's been assigned and to check that your assignments are correct.
  • your Payroll Register report to confirm the accuracy of the Gross Payment amounts reported on your employees' Summary of payments reports. Compare the YTD Total Wages amount with the Gross Payments amount on each employee's Summary of payments report.

To ensure the latest year-to-date amounts are sent to the ATO for an employee, you can record a $0 (a zero dollar or void) pay for them. It's like a regular pay but you'll remove all hours and amounts. When the $0 pay is recorded, confirm the prompts that you're voiding the pay then send the details to the ATO. The employee's YTD amounts are then sent to the ATO.


For more information on end of year finalisation with STP, see these help topics: AccountRight | MYOB Essentials


ETPs and the YTD verification report


If ETPs are missing from the YTD verification report, the first thing to check is that payroll categories with the ETP type assigned are used on the final pay. Check that you have set up and processed final pays correctly here: AccountRight | MYOB Essentials


Duplicate ETPs in the Payroll Reporting Centre? Follow these steps to correct:

  1. Click Payroll in the command centre
  2. Click Payroll Reporting 
  3. Click Payroll Reporting Centre 
  4. Click Employee Terminations tab 
  5. Find the employee and click the 3 dots next to their name 
  6. Select "Remove ETP" 
  7. Select the duplicate payments 
  8. Once it is removed then please process a $0.00 payrun for the employee to update the ATO of the new YTD totals. 

If you need further help please don't hesitate to start a new post.

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