Year to Date information not sent

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Year to Date information not sent



I was under the belief that what I process my first STP that it will bring through all of the current Year to Date wage information on the first processing event. I have called the ATO and checked, but they only have the pay period that was processed, not YTD. Can you please advise how to bring through YTD from July 2018?

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Re: Year to Date information not sent

Hi @Belinda123 


That is correct, if you set up STP after running your Pay Runs for the current Payroll Year, the system is designed to capture these details and send the full YTD info to the ATO with the Pay Run.


I had covered this in a previous post: Pay Processing FAQs with Single Touch Payroll (STP)


@Haydes  wrote:

I've made a pay run before signing up for STP, do I need to re-do my pays?


The MYOB implementation of STP will send your current Pay Period information as well as your Year-to-Date information to the ATO. When you declare your first Pay Run with STP, this will send the Pay History  of the Employee's along with it.


If you have terminated an Employee between your pay runs before signing on to STP, you will need to temporarily reinstate that employee and process a $0 (void) paycheque for the same Pay Period & Date as their Termination Pay then re-enter the Terminatation details into the Card.

That said, I recommend having a look at this post: STP figures when loaded to the ATO were not YTD figures


It looks like the Business Portal does not display the YTD info at the moment though our STP team have reported this to the ATO.


I hope this helps.

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