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AccountRight 2016.3 now available

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AccountRight 2016.3 brings a fresh new look, smart CRM features, improved security and lots of improvements and bug fixes. 


A fresh new look


Just like the MYOB website, this blog and the Community Forum, and of course the swish new MYOB logo, AccountRight’s got a new look!


You’ll notice simpler icons and a ton of design tweaks throughout that give it a fresh look and feel.


The new command centreThe new command centre

You'll also notice a new desktop and Start menu icon for AccountRight 2016.3. 


New AccountRight iconNew AccountRight icon

There’s more to come, but don’t worry - we’ve haven’t moved things around or changed how things work, so you’ll feel right at home when you update.

CRM features built right into AccountRight


You can now customise the Cards List window to show more information about your cards, including street and email addresses, last sale dates, and recontact dates. There’s more than 40 columns of information you can choose from, and you can search any column you add.


That means you can once again search for street names and postcodes in the Cards List window (a very popular request), just like you could in AccountRight v19.


You can also highlight the information you really care about, filter data like never before and group your customers any way you like. You now have a powerful tool that’ll help you create and build customer relationships.


Here’s a taste of what’s new, and see the Cards List help page for more details:





Tell us what you think of the new Cards List features

Helping you keep your business information secure


Whether you work online or not, you should ensure that your company file, and access to it, is secure. To help you out, we’ve made some changes to the way company files can be accessed:


  • Online files: To improve security when signing in to your MYOB account, your email address and password can no longer be remembered indefinitely, but you can choose to stay signed in for 12 hours. During this period, you won’t be prompted to sign in to your MYOB account when opening online files. After 12 hours you will need to re-enter your email address and password.

    UPDATE 22/12/2016: We received a lot of feedback about the security change in AccountRight 2016.3, particularly around making it easier to log back in after 12 hours. Thanks for your feedback. From today, the email address will be remembered, so you just need to enter your password to log back in. Note that if you sign out manually (for example, by clicking Log Out in the Library Browser window, the email address will not be remembered).

    New sign in windowNew sign in window
    The status bar now also shows you which MYOB account is currently signed in.

    Signed-in MYOB account appears in the status barSigned-in MYOB account appears in the status bar
    Tip: After updating, you’ll need to sign in with your MYOB account’s email address and password, even if you previously had selected the “Remember me” option, so have them handy.

  • Desktop files accessed remotely: Remote access to AccountRight Server Edition network ports from the internet is now blocked using Windows Firewall, which means you can’t access a desktop file outside your network. If remote access is required from another location, you’ll now need to use a secure VPN or store your company file online. For your security, don’t modify AccountRight’s network firewall and port settings.

Learn more ways you can protect your AccountRight company file.

Workflow improvements and bug fixes


Data entry

  • Improved: Now you can search for item names from the Item Number selection list in sales, purchases and inventory windows. Just click in the filter row for the Item Name column and type what you’re looking for. If the item name doesn’t start with the word or number you’re looking for, type an asterisk (*) before your term, like shown below.

    Search for item namesSearch for item names
  • Improved: If you press Escape while editing a transaction, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to close the window without saving. Previously any unsaved changes would have immediately been discarded.
  • Fixed: We fixed an issue that caused digits to be missed when typed quickly into Account Number fields.

Reports and forms

  • Improved: The Multi-Period Profit & Loss and Multi-Period Balance Sheet reports now default to a landscape page layout, so you can fit and compare more months on a page without having to customise the report.
  • Fixed: After installing Microsoft .NET v4.6.2, AccountRight would crash when changing filters in some reports. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed (Australia): When filtering the Payroll Activity Summary or Detail reports using identifiers, all employees who are assigned any of the identifiers will be included. For example, previously filtering by identifier values AD wouldn’t report employees whose identifiers are ABCD or ABD; but it would report employees with identifiers of AD or ADE.
  • Fixed (Australia): An issue that caused incorrect entitlement balances to appear on pay slips has been fixed. The issue affected employees who were paid more than once a month and have entitlement categories that are linked to multiple wage categories.

Importing and exporting data

  • Fixed: Importing activity slips with blank rates will now use the activity’s default rate. Previously the activity slip would import with a $0.00 rate.
  • Fixed: When importing sales, the customer’s default terms, memo and Invoice Delivery preference will now be used if it isn’t specified in the imported data.
  • Fixed: To avoid issues importing into MYOB practice software, the mye file that’s created when using the Send to Accountant feature now includes a carriage return at the end of the file.

How to update


This update will be available to all AccountRight subscribers in Australia and New Zealand over the next few days. You'll be prompted to update when you open your company file.


If you’re using AccountRight v19, sign in to or to download the v2016.3 installer.


Having issues updating? Get help with installation and update issues