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AccountRight 2016.3 now available

MYOB Moderator StevenR
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AccountRight 2016.3 brings a fresh new look, smart CRM features, improved security and lots of improvements and bug fixes. 


A fresh new look


Just like the MYOB website, this blog and the Community Forum, and of course the swish new MYOB logo, AccountRight’s got a new look!


You’ll notice simpler icons and a ton of design tweaks throughout that give it a fresh look and feel.


newlook.pngThe new command centre

You'll also notice a new desktop and Start menu icon for AccountRight 2016.3. 


AccountRight icon.pngNew AccountRight icon

There’s more to come, but don’t worry - we’ve haven’t moved things around or changed how things work, so you’ll feel right at home when you update.

CRM features built right into AccountRight


You can now customise the Cards List window to show more information about your cards, including street and email addresses, last sale dates, and recontact dates. There’s more than 40 columns of information you can choose from, and you can search any column you add.


That means you can once again search for street names and postcodes in the Cards List window (a very popular request), just like you could in AccountRight v19.


You can also highlight the information you really care about, filter data like never before and group your customers any way you like. You now have a powerful tool that’ll help you create and build customer relationships.


Here’s a taste of what’s new, and see the Cards List help page for more details:




Tell us what you think of the new Cards List features

Helping you keep your business information secure


Whether you work online or not, you should ensure that your company file, and access to it, is secure. To help you out, we’ve made some changes to the way company files can be accessed:


  • Online files: To improve security when signing in to your MYOB account, your email address and password can no longer be remembered indefinitely, but you can choose to stay signed in for 12 hours. During this period, you won’t be prompted to sign in to your MYOB account when opening online files. After 12 hours you will need to re-enter your email address and password.

    UPDATE 22/12/2016: We received a lot of feedback about the security change in AccountRight 2016.3, particularly around making it easier to log back in after 12 hours. Thanks for your feedback. From today, the email address will be remembered, so you just need to enter your password to log back in. Note that if you sign out manually (for example, by clicking Log Out in the Library Browser window, the email address will not be remembered).

    sign_in.pngNew sign in window
    The status bar now also shows you which MYOB account is currently signed in.

    signed_in_user.pngSigned-in MYOB account appears in the status bar
    Tip: After updating, you’ll need to sign in with your MYOB account’s email address and password, even if you previously had selected the “Remember me” option, so have them handy.

  • Desktop files accessed remotely: Remote access to AccountRight Server Edition network ports from the internet is now blocked using Windows Firewall, which means you can’t access a desktop file outside your network. If remote access is required from another location, you’ll now need to use a secure VPN or store your company file online. For your security, don’t modify AccountRight’s network firewall and port settings.

Learn more ways you can protect your AccountRight company file.

Workflow improvements and bug fixes


Data entry

  • Improved: Now you can search for item names from the Item Number selection list in sales, purchases and inventory windows. Just click in the filter row for the Item Name column and type what you’re looking for. If the item name doesn’t start with the word or number you’re looking for, type an asterisk (*) before your term, like shown below.

    search_item_name.pngSearch for item names
  • Improved: If you press Escape while editing a transaction, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to close the window without saving. Previously any unsaved changes would have immediately been discarded.
  • Fixed: We fixed an issue that caused digits to be missed when typed quickly into Account Number fields.

Reports and forms

  • Improved: The Multi-Period Profit & Loss and Multi-Period Balance Sheet reports now default to a landscape page layout, so you can fit and compare more months on a page without having to customise the report.
  • Fixed: After installing Microsoft .NET v4.6.2, AccountRight would crash when changing filters in some reports. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed (Australia): When filtering the Payroll Activity Summary or Detail reports using identifiers, all employees who are assigned any of the identifiers will be included. For example, previously filtering by identifier values AD wouldn’t report employees whose identifiers are ABCD or ABD; but it would report employees with identifiers of AD or ADE.
  • Fixed (Australia): An issue that caused incorrect entitlement balances to appear on pay slips has been fixed. The issue affected employees who were paid more than once a month and have entitlement categories that are linked to multiple wage categories.

Importing and exporting data

  • Fixed: Importing activity slips with blank rates will now use the activity’s default rate. Previously the activity slip would import with a $0.00 rate.
  • Fixed: When importing sales, the customer’s default terms, memo and Invoice Delivery preference will now be used if it isn’t specified in the imported data.
  • Fixed: To avoid issues importing into MYOB practice software, the mye file that’s created when using the Send to Accountant feature now includes a carriage return at the end of the file.

How to update


This update will be available to all AccountRight subscribers in Australia and New Zealand over the next few days. You'll be prompted to update when you open your company file.


If you’re using AccountRight v19, sign in to or to download the v2016.3 installer.


Having issues updating? Get help with installation and update issues



Contributing Cover User RalphyBoy
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Hi Grumpy, I had the same problem. Downloaded addon program Transpost Express and it fixed the problem. Super quick also. Very affordable software that really works. I've gone from a grumpy and frustrated oldman to really looking forward to a happy Christmas with the grandkids. Merry Christmas to you too. Cheers

MYOB Moderator Neil_M
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MYOB Moderator

HI @Stocky

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great resource.


Thank you for your feedback regarding the visual changes to AccountRight 2016.3, I have shared your feedback with our team.


If you have an active support agreement then you get a range of services, not all of which require you to have a file on the cloud. For example, all of the following services and benefits are available to any user with an active support agreement:

  • Free technical support calls
  • Access to updates as they are released at no cost
  • The bank feeds system to help speed up your bank reconciliations.
  • If you use payroll then you can use the ATO Gold Rated Pay Superannuation system to handle your superannuation obligations
  • Discounts on training courses and some MYOB services.


There are features which do require the file to be on the cloud, however we have tried to make as many features available to those clients for whom storing the file on the cloud isn’t an option. For a complete list of all of the Live Services on AccountRight, please see our help article AccountRight Live Services


Please do feel free to post any other questions that you may have

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I have enjoyed MYOB for a number of years. But now with the new max only 12 hour login (on-line cloud) I find completely ridiculous. I am a small buisness with a part time Book keeper, with her own username and Password to access the company file. Now I find she not only needs her local credentials to access the company file but also needs to know the cloud account details, since after 12 hours this information gets cleared (and no she does not have her own email account). This is idiotic. Myob have now forced me to disclose the on-line details so that her work can be done. IS there a registry hack to bypass this poor 12 hour limitation.





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Where do we find the MSI files for this installation, as always we are told they will be in our my.myob downloads however we only have the .exe files.

MYOB Moderator Neil_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @JuliaMW


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great resource.


Generally speaking you would find all of your download links available on my.MYOB. If you weren’t finding the MSI installer then it is available on request, just let us know and we can provide you with the link.


I have sent you a private message with information regarding the AccountRight 2016.3 MSI Installer, please do let us know how you get on with this,

MYOB Moderator Neil_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi Paul ( @sandminer )


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great resource.


Thank you for your feedback regarding the changes to the login process in AccountRight 2016.3, I have shared it with the team.


The changes to the login process are part of a larger review of the login security of AccountRight. During this time will be reviewing the changes made to ensure that we achieve the appropriate balance between convenience and security.


Unfortunately, there is no registry hack or any way to override this 12-hour login period within AccountRight.  For security reasons we do encourage that every user that has access to a cloud file have their own email login.

MYOB Moderator StevenR
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @mfrp @Soigneur @SKD @MelindaMC @KPW @ActionD @AKMTony @rightontrack @SelH @sandminer ,


Thanks for your feedback about the new sign in requirements in AccountRight 2016.3. I wanted to let you know that from today your email address will be remembered in the Sign in window, so you'll only need to enter your password when signing in. (You might need to enter your email address manually the first time you sign in today, then it'll be remembered.)


Note: If you sign out manually from AccountRight, for example by clicking Log out in the Library Browser window, the email address won't be remembered.


Please be assured that we've taken on board your feedback and the many suggestions we've received on the Community Forum, and will continue to update the sign-in experience in the new year. 

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Nice work... the power of the people... 

Partner Kalpara
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 agree with Allen - I have no intention of upgraded yet as I don't like the new version. I will be the last one standing and hope that some changes will come thru on the next version to make it a bit easier on the eye. How do I get rid of the banner? I have several clients that won't be upgrading yet, and they want the banner gone too - ASAP please!!

Contributing Cover User kindy3
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Contributing Cover User

And this new version still doesn't let us email receipts!!!  This has been an ongoing suggestion since 2012.  What is the hold up?

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @kindy3

The focus of AccountRight 2016.3 was on a fresh new look, smart CRM features and improved security. Emailing of receipts is not something that was added with this particular release. As mentioned on Emailing receipt option this is something that we have marked as Under Consideration, at this stage we don't have an exact time frame for when this particular feature will be placed into development and implemented into the program however we are still encouraging members of the Community that would like to see this particular idea included to vote and comment.

Experienced Partner Jog21
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I am really liking the new version! Thanks MYOB team. Smiley Happy

Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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Ultimate Partner

Hello Jo, 

The ABN chesk is still there in the v2016.3, however if an ABN has not been entered on the Buying Details tab then the ABN check notification does not show on either the Buying Details or the Profile tabs. This is exactly the same as in the previous v 2016.1.



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Casn i ask when two factor authentication is to be available please?

Experienced Cover User RayJordan
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I actually like the new look of AR2016.3 But still too much margin aound invoice and purchase windows, making the data entry space much smaller than it should be.


The new layout of cards creates lots of space that could be used for more user configurable data fields - that's a hint by the way ...


And congratulations, the To Do List now only takes 45 seconds to load instead of over 1 minute.


Forty five seconds ... really? I'm looking for productivity enhancements, not impediments. I have reported this many times, beginning right the way back at version 2011.1


The To Do List in AR19.13 loads almost instantaneously, so I don't waste time sitting around staring at the screen.


I would like it very much if MYOB would spend more time (and our money) on making the core functions of the software work properly before designing new logos and adding all the fluffy bells and whistles.


So after waiting patiently for more than 5 years, I still can't upgrade from 19.13 to the newer version because it would be a step backward in terms of productivity. And yet you keep slugging me the full annual subscription price.


Oh, and unchecking the $ sign in preferences STILL doesn't do anything. Why?

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I am not sure where to post my suggestion or maybe there is already an answer. 

Bankfeeds - applying payments to customer sales invoices.

It would be really great to be able to search on Inv No. here as a client has many customers bank transfers with only Inv No. and no customer name. As a result I have to jump out of bankfeeds - search on inv no to find the customer name. I generally then apply the payment to the invoice outside of bank feeds.  It would be time saving to be able to search for the Inv from within bankfeeds.

Partner AlanT
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Hi Teresia,


Don't hold your breath, This was originally raised in September 2012!





MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @Cadylac


If you would like to see that as a possible feature in future releases of the AccountRight range I would show your support for Bank Feeds- Search/Find invoice numbers easily in the Bank feeds Screen on the AccountRight Idea Exchange

Experienced Partner SteveABT
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Experienced Partner

>If remote access is required from another location, you’ll now need to use a secure VPN or store your company file online.


I currently (2016.2)  allow my accountant remote access - I can't give the accountant VPN access to my network. External access was limited to the accountant's IP address by a hardware firewall on the network perimeter - is this not secure enough?

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When is MYOB going to address all the requests already made for returning features which have apparently been lost since downgrading from Premier 19.  One of these features was the ability to print invocies using the identifiers filter in the same was as we can print statements using the identifiers.  Despite repeated requests these and many other features remain missing.  Printing mailing Labels is still not a functional option.

One thing the newer versions does have that did not exist was error messages informaing of a timeout and the option to "Retry"  this has been found on many occassions to be faulty and if selecting "Retry" the transaction repeats iself thereby creating multiple errors in the data which cannot be fixed by users and needs to be sent to MYOB for repair and integrity of data severely compromised.  The lack of customisation availability for screens and dashboards is also dissappointing in particular with later versions of windows also not allowing simple variations to make it easier to ensure the screen is more user friendly and readable.

While new features can be exciting I would be more excited to see some of these lost features returned to make it more user friendly and practical.

Partner AlanT
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So, I finally got around to upgrading the first of my AccountRight ledgers to 2016.3 and I am so surprised at the new user interface.  It looks very cheap and amateurish.

All the icons are so abstract that I cannot even work out what the purchases icon is supposed to represent.  Is it a house that does not have a complete roof?

And there is no color!  Without the colored icons I have to read each icon's title to find what I want.  Previously each icon had it's own color and my eyes found the correct option so much faster.

It appears that the UX team at MYOB needs to consist of either people who have some experiance using the software as users, or at least be thinking more about the user's needs and less about the latest trendy graphical fad.

I am so dissappointed that afer 12 months of subscriptions, a new CRM window and a less useful UI appears to be the only significant changes.  Nothing that users are asking for, such as:


  • being able to auto calculate and add credit card charges to a customer's payment
  • being able to find customer invoices by invoice number in bank feeds when allocating customer payments
  • being able to produce a report of unallocated bank feed entries
  • allowing items in the Intray to be linked to entries other than purchases.

All features that have been requested by users because they would be useful to the people who use the software.



Experienced Partner dennisg
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Experienced Partner

Disappointed that MYOB still persist with their antediluvian method of dealing with paying credit notes. At present you have to deduct the credit note from another invoice and then advise the creditor of what you have done.


Why is it so hard to just take off any credit notes from the total owing, and show it on the remittance advice?

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Cards filtering option is great, but can I filter sales by State as well??


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I have just installed this new version (only because I was told I had to by 10th March to keep online access).  Very disappointed that the background screen/shading has been changed - no need to alter this aspect, nothing to do with upgrading software and functions - HARD ON THE EYES, unpleasant to look at for more than a second or two.  If I had the choice I would uninstall completely.  

Trusted Cover User Trandy
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Trusted Cover User

I too am disappointed that MYOB find it exciting to introduce a new-look screen as opposed to improving lost functions from the old 19...versions.  I would rather be able to process a payment properly thank you; instead of which over the past two years since upgrading to 2015, 2016 etc the stupid system is still jumping past the actual invoice amount fields and going straight down to the finance charge field.  Then I have to delete the amount, reverse back and fill it in where it's supposed to go.  That is just one thing in a long list of frustrations since going from 19 to 20..., and when I've gone on the forum and asked about them there's very rarely ever been a solution or a response other than the standard generic phrases prominent in so many threads.  It's a geeky flaky program now and it disappoints me big time; given that I had been happily using it since 2002.  It crashes alot and is slow as; particularly when importing.  


I was all set this morning to upgrade the users here at our small business network but seeing the screen and the comments about it has left me no choice but to hold off.  We have enough trouble staring at screens all day without adding to it by looking at even more white.  

Contributing Cover User Happy_Gecko
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Contributing Cover User

I cannot see any response to questions about getting rid of the update reminder banner which unnecessarily takes up screen real estate.

Let's be clear, I am a long-standing MYOB customer.  I pay you a monthly fee to use your software.  It should be my choice as to whether I accept an update, IF it benefits me/my business - or not.  I apprecate it may benefit other businesses but that's irrelevant to me.

After careful consideration, I will not be updating to 2016.3.  It offers me (in the way I use MYOB) absolutely NO improvements on 2016.2 and there are known disadvantages (such as the compulsory timed log out and user-unfriendly new UI) that I don't want plus other potentially unknown issues with increased file size (every incarnation seems to render a larger file, no matter how many transactions I purge) and speed.

Consequently, I will not upgrade until MYOB offers me an improved version of your software that I actually want.

I should not be bullied into upgrading against my better interests by an immovable banner taking up screen space.

By all means generate an occasional pop up screen at log in, reminding me that a new version is available and MAY be beneficial.  But please treat me like an adult customer and respect my choice by providing a tick box that I can use to make this banner disappear permanently.


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Please Please get the team to look at the MYOB App - it needs to be able to generate a quote - simple stuff but it is not available and we have been asking for years.