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Start getting ready for Single Touch Payroll reporting (Australia)

If you have 20 or more employees, you’ll soon need to start reporting payroll and super information to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll. Start getting ready now, so you can hit the ground running.


Payroll Reporting button in Payroll command centre

Click Payroll Reporting in the Payroll command centre, for all things Single Touch Payroll. Here you can check that your employee and company details meet ATO requirements.

Payroll Reporting on the Payroll command centrePayroll Reporting on the Payroll command centre

Payroll reporting window

There are a few important things to note in the new Payroll Reporting window, to help you get started with Single Touch Payroll reporting.


 Payroll Reporting windowPayroll Reporting window

  • A - Company Information View and update the company information that is reported to the ATO with your Single Touch Payroll information.
  • B - Check Payroll Details This is the first step to get your payroll information ready. Click to check that all employee and company information meets ATO requirements.
  • C - View Payroll Categories View all your payroll categories and what ATO reporting category they are assigned to. From here you can open, and then edit each payroll category.
  • D - Connect to the ATO When ready, this is where you’ll be able to make the connection to the ATO for Single Touch Payroll. We’ll let you know when this is available, but in the meantime, you can click Learn More for a preview of the steps.

Company Information

View and edit the company information that’s sent to the ATO when using Single Touch Payroll reporting. This is not the same as what’s in Setup > Company Information.


Check payroll details results

To help you see what specific employee and company information doesn't meet ATO guidelines or is missing, a list of things that need to be fixed is listed. All of these items need to be fixed before you can connect to the ATO and start reporting.


The list includes:

  • Where to update – either employee cards or company information.
  • Details – the name of the employee or the field from the company information that needs updating.
  • Error – what needs to be fixed.

Check Payroll Details resultsCheck Payroll Details results

Compare payroll categories with assigned ATO reporting categories

To get an overview of what payroll categories are assigned to what ATO reporting categories, we’ve added a column to the Payroll Category List.


Also, the label STP category has been changed to ATO Reporting Category to make it clearer this information is sent to the ATO as part of Single Touch Payroll.


All categories are assigned to Not Reportable by default, so you’ll need to open each and change them to the correct category.

List of payroll categoriesList of payroll categories


Here’s what else we improved and fixed


Card Files

  • New: There are new validation rules for employee cards. State is now mandatory if the
    country is blank or Australia. This applies to importing, add-ons and API connected solutions. 

GST and provisional tax (New Zealand)

  • Improved: In the Accounts command centre, the button Prepare GST Return has changed to GST & Provisional Tax as you can now prepare and file the Statement of Activity (using the accounting income method) for provisional tax.


  • New: There are new columns to choose from when viewing items in the Items List. The following fields are now available from the Field Chooser: Primary Supplier, Custom List 1, Custom List 2, Custom List 3, Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2 and Custom Field 3, Supplier, Item Number, and Minimum Stock Reorder quantity. Idea: Inventory: Items List- Add Customer Column true.png

Payroll (Australia)

  • Improved: When recording a pay, the wording in the confirmation window has been improved to make it clearer.
  • New: Save your progress when editing your employees' pays when processing a pay run. The Employee Pays step of the Process Payroll Assistant now has a Close & Save button - so you can save your progress and finish the pay later.

Sales and purchases

  • Improvement: When emailing an invoice, quote or order, the character limit of the message has been increased to 4000 characters, to align with what can be entered in the default message. Idea: More text space to type message when emailing true.png and Idea:  Email message content + Email statement templates true.png
  • Fixed: There was an issue when reversing a time billing invoice where the activity slip would not appear in the list of open work in progress. This is fixed.
  • New: If you have an Officeworks business account, you can register to get all your invoices automatically entered into MYOB for you. Set this up via your Officeworks 30 Day Business Account.
  • Improved: We've made some improvements to the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology used to identify key information in invoices sent to you via the In Tray. This means faster and more accurate transactions.

Usability and UI

  • Improved: Some calendars have been tweaked to make it easier to select dates.
  • Improved: The width of the Purchases window is increased to let you see more information when entering or viewing purchases
  • Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue where some keyboard shortcuts weren't working properly.

Known issues

Can’t edit or save an employee card (New Zealand)

When you try and create or edit an employee card, and the Country is set to blank or Australia, you won’t be able to save it. This also prevents the importing of employee cards using the Import/Export Assistant, and affects the API.


Workaround: Select a country other than blank or Australia (for example, New Zealand), and save.

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Hi @Jatz


We haven’t had any widespread reports of downloads performing like that, however I have passed your comments onto our team.


The first that I would be trying would be to use a different browser, or to clear the cache on your existing internet browser. As the download link does have to go through the internet browser, if there was any hiccup or issue within the browser itself it could impact on the ability of the browser to fully download the link.


I’ve tested the publicly available links on both the previously mentioned help article and on my.MYOB using Google Chrome and they all seemed to download fine and fully for me.

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Hi @doublet


Thank you for your comments regarding the Purchases window, I have passed them onto our team. I do know that they were aware of the issue around the unintentional resizing and had marked it to be corrected with a degree of urgency. At this stage I'm not able to guarantee it will be fixed in the next release, however our team are working to correct it as soon as possible


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Contributing Cover User

I am unable to update to the new version too.  Clicking on the link does not work.

I can't remember what I did to update the last time we had an update.  Possibly through Google Chrome as that is the only way I can get my invoices each month from MYOB but this time I can't seem to make it work. 

Help would be good.

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Admin girl went ahead and clicked upate now on her pc - but needed admin rights to update file. Lucky she came to me and I said Whoa -wait a sec.  I tried to update another pc via the reminder link 2018.1.1 now available link UPdate now button on top left of screen.  Doesn't work so I jumped on here to look and now realise looks like we should wait until all these issues are sorted out!  Don't want to get stuck not being able to use files etc as I want to go for a holiday this week not stuck on computer sorting out all sorts of problems.   Please keep us updated when this is all fixed. 

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Another Issue since upgrading, is being unable to have more than about 3 screens open at any one time. When I'm processing Sales Invoices,  I need to be able to copy & past item codes from Purchases window and/or Item list window. Twice now computer has crashed in the middle of large Invoices and costing my employer time and money. I am now having to save about every 5 minutes of inputting to avoid the angry outbursts when this happens.


Speaking of time & money: this issue with "purchase screen columns" is very infuriating. With nearly every Supplier I have to resize and try not to close down during the day but due to above problem, I now have to and then resize again, CONSTANTLY.


While we on the subject of resizing, can we also make the resizing when choosing an item code on Purhase screen to at least the size of BAR CODES, which a lot of my items are?


Feeling very annoyed at the moment.



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Hi ,

Is the 2017.2 version still valid and operating ?? 

Im having trouble getting Bank Feeds to work , 

They were fine yesterday morning

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A couple of issues I have had since updating to the new version when entering "Sales Invoices"(I had no trouble updating on both computers I use) .


1. Under the column "Item Number" I used to be able to sort my items by their name (by clicking on the word "Item Name") and it would stay sorted the whole entire time I would be entering Sales. If I closed out of the Sales screen then it would revert back to being sorted by item number, but now every new sales invoice I enter I have to sort again. 


2. Another little feature that I found very useful and is no longer working for me was that I was able to do a search in the blank field between the heading "Item name" and the actual list of items by putting a * and entering part of the item name and items with that particular word in it would be listed. It now just comes up with a blank box.   very disappointing


Sorting and searching is very useful as I have 100's of items and cannot always remember the name of the item, especially when we have items that are very similar. It is also time consuming to have to minimise sales, open my items list and search, find the item Im looking for and then go back to the sales screen.


Are you able to bring these features back please?

Thank you

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Typical MYOB. Alway's something not quiet right!!

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I hope that MYOB looks to allowing multiple or staged invoices to process against a single purchase order in the future.  It is a real pain to have to manually track this in MYOB rather than progressively drawing down a purchase order.




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MYOB Update Capture.JPG


Given the amount of issues being reported...... Which button would you click???

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I have tried to install the new version of AccountRight V2018.1.1 on our Server 2008 SP2 using the "SE" Server Edition Application Update. It keeps asking me to install .NET Framework V4.6.2 and this version of .NET Framework is not comptabile with Server 2008 SP2???

We have .NET Framework V4.6 installed on our Server but can not upgrade to V4.6.2 as it is not comptablile refer to below link.


Is there a work around solution in order to install the new update??


I have also read the Update Instructions for AccountRight V2018.1.1 and there is no mention of Server 2008 SP2 not being compatible with the new version of MYOB.  Should the system requirements be mentioned for Servers as well in the Upgrade Instructions?


Please advise....


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HI @Mags


This is something that I have raised with our team for further investigation as our system requirements generally don’t change significantly from one version to the next, and so far, I am not aware of any other reports of this.


As I haven’t heard of any workarounds at this point in time, outside of upgrading to a newer version, I will have to let our team look into this a bit further before I have any information that I can provide. I do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and ask for your patience while our team carry out this investigation

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Hi @Mags


Sorry for the delay, I was just waiting from some additional information from our team who are looking into this.


Are you able to confirm whether or not you are using Server 2008 R2, which is tested for compatibility as per our system requirements or are you just using Server 2008, which is a slightly different operating system and as a result isn’t supported nor tested for compatibility.


Our team have advised me that it has been tested and confirmed to work on Server 2008 R2, however the original Server 2008 is not a compatible operating system and as a result we cannot guarantee that the software will perform as expected. Unfortunately, this does mean that to install AccountRight 2018.1.1, which does use elements of the v4.6.2 .net framework you would need to upgrade to Server 2008 R2 or another compatible operating system.


I have asked our team to review the update instructions to see if they can be rewritten to avoid confusion around which versions are compatible and which aren’t.


I do apologise for the inconvenience

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Hi Neil, Thank you for looking into the compatibility issues...we have "Server 2008 Small Business Server SP2" which is no longer compatible with MYOB after spending time researching the internet. The latest version we can have of .NET Framework is 4.6 for our Server. Over the weekend another operating system was installed on our Virtual Server - Win 10.1 Pro so we can move forward with MYOB as a temporary solution...we are now officially up and running this morning using MYOB 2018.1.1 It would be appreciated If the installation instructions for future MYOB releases could be updated to include Servers Compatibility and Version of .NET Framework as this would assist with Network Maintenance will be a prompt for Network Administrators that we need to update / upgrade our Operating Systems Requirements / Technology before proceeding with any planned Network Outages. Thank you for looking into this to try and find a solution.
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Hi @Mags


No problems, happy to be of assistance and I’m glad to hear you were able to find a temporary solution while you look into upgrading to a compatible operating system.


I’ve passed your feedback onto our team regarding compatibility and other pertinent information such as the version of the .net framework required.

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I have been on a week's break hoping to clear my mind and tackle MYOB's issues AGAIN, but NO, still annoying me no end. It's getting to the stage where I am seriously considering trying to source another program and advising my boss to change company. My job with my company is purely to input Purchases and Enter Sales with that information. The delay in constantly having to adjust column widths with new and old purchases is making my inputting longer therefore costing my employer more.

Today I was entering a Sales invoice, a LARGE invoice, and when I went to copy and paste an Item code (which I frequently do) and the whole system shut down and lost the lot. Fuming again.

Even taking the time to post this blog is frustrating because I simply don't have the time.

Waiting until next upgrade, whenever that might be, is unacceptable.

Also thanks for not answering my previous 2 comments.



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MYOB Product Team

Hi @GThomson


Sorry to hear about the constant troubles you are experiencing with the software. In terms of the column widths issue, I have been made aware that this issue is confirmed to be fixed in our next release and is set to be released this month. While I don't have an exact ETA for you I can say that the release is due sooner rather than later and we will post more information on this blog once we know more concrete ETA's for you.


For your issue with entering Sales, solutions for this can depend on a few factors and it would be best to go through some troubleshooting to ensure you are met with a solution.


I am happy to go through this with you, please feel free to send me a Private Message with these details:

  • When you mention a large invoice, what specifically are you referring to? (Such as a large number of Line Items, or large number of items sold)
  • When did you first experience these kinds of issues? (For example, if this happened after the last update)
  • Have you had assistance with this issue already? (I'm not wanting to just repeat what you have already heard

You can send me a Private Message by clicking onto my Avatar and clicking Send Message on the next page.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.


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Trusted Partner

Hi @Haydes & @GThomson


I have to agree with @GThomson MYOB is not performing the way it used to.  I too have experienced problems entering sales with a lot of line items and it seems to crash on me when entering a new item from the within the invoice.  The program shuts down and the program asks to send an email with the error code, which I have done to the point of never expecting a resolution.  @Haydes you may want to check where your email error messages get sent and you may find quite a few!  I also agree with @GThomson when entering purchase information, I have a lot of invoices to enter every week for payment and rely on the larger description field to ensure accuracy however, now that the columns don't save it is proving to be very time consuming.  The MYOB program is supposed to make entering data easier in less time but with the changes since the last update and the constant crashing it is becoming quite the problem.  For your information I have been using MYOB since V7 and have seen a lot of changes in the program but lately it seems it is becoming less reliable and very disappointing.  I guess I just wanted to let @GThomson know that they are not alone with the problems experienced.  PS, my clients are becoming more restless about using MYOB and are starting to ask their business associates about what programs they use and whether it will be worth changing programs.