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6 bookmarks you should have in your browser

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Want helpful information at your fingertips? Here’s the sites we recommend you bookmark to make business life easier for you.


1. Help with tax and compliance

ATO Small Business Newsroom (Australia) Stay up-to-date with the latest from the ATO. The small business newsroom is designed for businesses just like yours and has great information about tax stuff, tips and tricks for new businesses and reminders for when things like BAS and super are due.

Inland Revenue website (New Zealand) The IRD’s website is a one-stop spot for everything you’d ever need to know about PAYE & Kiwisaver, and tax in general. From news and updates to reminders of important dates to remember, it’s a great resource.


I have both these sites bookmarked and they’re my first port of call whenever someone asks me about anything tax or compliance related.


2. Small business advice and are handy sites for help and advice about growing your business and staying profitable.


The Australian site homepage has a Tell me more about… section with “essential business topics to help you start, run and grow your business”,


tell me about business govt.png


while the homepage of the NZ site has a quick link to their most popular tools and resources from assessing the feasibility of your business idea to helping you work out the cost of taking on an employee.


popular tools and resources.png


Both sites are full of great tips to help get you into business and stay in business.


More great thought starters and advice are available on MYOB’s Pulse blog. Check out the tax resources section, particularly in the lead up to your end of financial year.


3. Business drivers

I know this one is a little vague, but if you know that you have a quiet time during school holidays, bookmark school holiday dates so you can plan for them. (AU school term dates) (NZ school term dates)

Or if your sales go up when it’s a sunny day (because you sell gelato – and who doesn’t love gelato), make sure you’re all over any weather apps.


Whatever it is that affects your sales, be aware of it and plan for it.


4. Local meet ups

Start with and hunt down like-minded people who share your passion for business.


5. MYOB Essentials login page

Let’s not make it harder for ourselves by having to type it in each time we want to enter something in MYOB Essentials. or


6.  Help!

Need a hand with getting the most out of your MYOB Essentials software? Bookmark the help, You can send us feedback and even rate how helpful the pages are, so you get the best information.




If you’re more a visual person, you can get help through videos. (Australia) (New Zealand), or bookmark this blog for more about how to get the most out of your software.


So, do yourself a favour and get bookmarking. Do you have sites that you've bookmarked that you think others could benefit from? Share them below.