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A fresh batch of payroll improvements (NZ only)

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More control over your pay items 

To help you calculate your employees’ leave more accurately, we've added extra options to pay item earnings.

When you create or edit an earning you’ll be able to decide whether the pay item will be counted towards employees' gross earnings, and whether employees should accrue leave on that pay item if it’s hourly. Before this update you could exclude pay items from both gross earnings and leave accrual, but you couldn’t exclude one without the other.

What you need to know

By default, new pay items do count towards gross pay, and employees do accrue annual leave on hourly pay items, so if you don’t touch these new options you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re meeting your obligations.


Pay items you’ve created in the past won’t change, but you can edit them using these new options.


Only employees who accrue pro-rata leave can accrue leave on hourly pay items. Employees who are on fixed leave will never accrue leave on pay items.


pay item - new tickboxes.jpg


Pay history, tracked

Last month we added the ability to add Days worked to your employees’ pay histories prior to using Essentials. 


To pay different types of leave accurately, Essentials needs to know how many days your employees have worked in the last 12 months, and what they were paid for those days.


If you’ve been using MYOB Essentials for more than 12 months, you don’t need to worry about this, but if you’ve moved to MYOB Essentials in the last 12 months then you can go to your employees’ Pay history tabs and enter the number of days they worked for each pay period prior to the switch. 


If you don’t have a record of days worked, don’t worry, you can still pay leave accurately. Essentials will use your employees' current normal working days to calculate the pay rates for their leave.


Days worked—at a glance! 

Essentials has been tracking the number of days your employees work for a little while now, so we've made it easier for you to see that information.


To have a look, go to Payroll > Employees > Pay History.

Days worked employee.jpg

Leave calculation—same same, but simpler

We've polished up the window you use to calculate annual leave during a pay run. 

We’ve improved the new version with  clearer instructions and less crowding  making it easier for you to follow rate calculations.

Annual leave rate calculation2.jpg