A new EOFY report for Australia, plus payroll centre updates

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Year-to-date Verification report

Compliance can be a headache, especially with a lot of employees. To take some of the pain out of this tax season, we’ve created a new report to help you verify the details you’ve recorded with the ATO.


The Year-to-date verification report is a summary which shows you the totals for each ATO reporting category for all employees in a financial year.


Before this report, the only way to get these figures was to download the Summary of payments report for each employee and manually calculate the totals.


To download the report, go to the EOFY Finalisation tab in the Payroll reporting centre and click  YTD Verification report.


ytd verification report.png


Totals at a glance

Now you can see the totals for Gross payments and PAYG withholding at a glance from the Payroll reporting centre.


Scroll down to see totals for Gross payments, PAYG withholding, RFBA and Section 57A RFBA in the new totals row.


Payrol reporting centre Finalisation tab.png

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I think I have done everything back to front and I only signed up for the STP last week (I should probably have waited until the new FY). Anyway, the problem I have is that I can't seem to produce any data now. Wages have been paid across the year but now I can obviously not produce Payment Summaries but when I go into the PayRoll Reporting centre to do the EOFY finalisation through STP, there are no employee or wage details there. I don't really know what to do.....I seem to have lost all the payroll info (although I can clearly see it in different payroll reports) - it's not linked into the STP reporting at all. What do I do?



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Hi @cmawn.,


If you've just set up STP you'll need to process at least one payroll to allow them to appear in the EOFY finalisation list.

As a workaround you can process a $0 pay for these employees and make sure all the wages, deductions, superannuation and entitlements are $0. 

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Hi, all my payroll myob reports balance to GL, etc. Our MYOB "year to date verification report" has every category correct except the ETP taxable and withholding amount which it has doubled. So instead of reading ETP taxable compnonent $12,859.20 and ETP tax withholding $4114.95, it has double these figures to $24718.40 and $8229.90. The individual employee amounts are correct. It is just this final gross total report which is wrong. Can this be fixed by MYOB and/or Can I "set to final" anyway because each individual employee amount on this last screen is correct

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Hi @detty,

Please have a look at this thread about this issue here, https://community.myob.com/t5/Single-Touch-Payroll-STP-Q-A/ETP-Early-Termination-Payment-appearing-a.... Please post the required details here after reading through Steven's post.

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Hi, This report is not including inactive employees.