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Get a more accurate view of your cashflow, and make your tax obligations easier by storing your bills and supplier invoices in MYOB Essentials.


Over the next couple of days when you log in to your MYOB Essentials business, you’ll notice a new In tray appear in the top menu.


intray on menu.png


You’ve already made the change to electronic invoicing, this is the next step; freeing you up from your desk and paper, and helping meet your record keeping requirements.


You can even save time by getting MYOB Essentials to do your data entry for you.


Plus, you’ll be able to easily lay your hands on your bills and supplier invoices, like when you need to compare pricing. And easily share documents with your accountant or bookkeeper without resorting to a shoebox or folder of printed bills.


How does it work?


Take two minutes to watch the video below. It’ll show you how to load a document into MYOB Essentials, how to link it to an existing bill, and how to save on data entry by getting MYOB Essentials to read the details of the bill and enter it for you.



*email a document to (for Australia) or (for New Zealand). 


Get started by clicking on your In tray.  If you need more information, click the lightbulb.