Adding to and rearranging the content of your invoices

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You’ve been giving us some great feedback and suggestions for invoicing in MYOB Essentials.


It’s now easier to add and rearrange the information you enter on invoices.


When you create a new invoice or copy an existing one, rearrange the invoice lines by dragging and dropping them.


Just click the dots at the start of an invoice line and drag it to its new location.




Add an extra line to an invoice wherever you want (not just at the end). Click the start of the invoice line, then click the + to insert a new line.




Great news, it works with touch, so invoicing from your tablet is now easier.


Thanks to everyone who voted for this feature on the Ideas Exchange or through the in-product feedback.

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It would be FANTASTIC if you could add in a text line on the invoices. Would benefit when invoicing seperate jobs on the same invoice. 

Or is this already available? Bit of a newbie Smiley Happy 

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Hi @KylieM12,


Thanks for dropping us a line here, and welcome to the Community Forum. Hope we can help you move from feeling like a newbie to being an expert very soon!


At the moment, you can only add standard lines to invoices, but you're not alone wanting to add text lines to invoices without dollar amounts. I'd love you to add your voice to other MYOB Essentials clients by voting for what you'd like on our Ideas Exchange. It helps us prioritise what we focus on next in product.





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Two Qs re invoice customisation.

1. How can I add an email address on my invoices? Clients need it to send the reemittance advices.

2. I need payment schedule lines calculated when I enter the percentage to be inserted somewhere near the total payment amounts, e.g. Total amount is $100, payment shedule 30% on order and 70% on delivery. Is it possible with MYOB essentials or any other MYOB products?




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Hi @Lina_Urbona,


Thanks for dropping us a line here.


At the moment you can really only add the email address to the invoice as a note, but you can save the note to reuse on all your invoices from that point on.

email note.png

You can also include your email address in the email that you send with the invoice, along with a personalised message (if you need to let clients know to send a remittance advice).


Add it from the Invoice and quote settings page:


invoice and quote settings.png


2. I'd also suggest using the notes field on the invoice to let clients know the payment schedule you want to set up. Again, save the note if this is something you need for all your invoices.


invoice notes.png


Neither MYOB Essentials nor AccountRight have the ability to set a payment schedule on the invoice, other than as a note.


I'd suggst adding this idea to our Ideas Exchange if you'd like to see it added, so others can vote for it too.


Hope this helps,