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I know, I’m a little late with my “Happy New Year” greetings, hopefully you’ll all forgive me.


It’s great to be firmly back in the world of LiveAccounts and just secretly, I’m really excited about having a big year with LiveAccounts in 2014. Hope you’re all ready and raring for that too.


So, down to business.


Recently, I’ve had a few people make passing comments to me on bank feeds and their concerns around the reliability of feeds.


In one of those “the stars are aligning” twists of fate that only the internet can provide, our General Manager of Design and UX, Ben Ross, went out yesterday with a blog about Why bank feeds are better with MYOB Banklink. Sweet timing, Ben.


Anyway, it’s a great read and, when combined with how much we hate data entry, and how much time bank feeds saves,  I started wondering why bank feeds aren’t being used by every single LiveAccounts user?


Consider this my first of many open forums for 2014. If you’re using LiveAccounts, and you’re not using bank feeds – why not? I’d really love to hear from you, so drop me a line.


Not enough time to read the article? Try this video instead for a quick wrap up.





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