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We’re hearing that you like the smoother banking experience, and want more. Now, you can choose to turn off the auto-matching, and manually match transactions.


Maybe you have lots of transactions for the same amount, or maybe you just find the auto-matching isn’t working for your business. Either way, if you’re using the new Bank transactions page, you now have the option to turn off auto-matching.



What happens when auto-matching is turned on?


When this preference is turned on, bank transactions (on bank feeds or imported bank statements) are auto-matched to an MYOB Essentials transaction when there is only one exact match available. Auto-matched and auto-allocated transactions have a magic wand icon beside them in the Bank transactions page.





What happens when auto-matching is turned off?


When this feature is turned off, transactions with one exact match will no longer be auto-matched. Instead, they’ll show up on the bank feed as having one match available, and you’ll need to manually confirm the match yourself.





How do I turn off auto-matching?


If you don’t want matching to happen automatically – for example, if you have a lot of transactions for the same amount, or if you’ve noticed a lot of transactions auto-matching incorrectly – you can switch off this feature on the Allocation rules page (Banking menu > Manage allocation rules).


You’ll only be able to turn off auto-matching if you’ve switched over to the new banking.






This is just the first of the small enhancements we'll be making to the banking area in Essentials over the next month.