Easier lodgement with online GST return

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Exciting news for New Zealand businesses! Streamline your GST return by filing it directly to Inland Revenue from within MYOB Essentials for a fast, easy and accurate return.


Check out this short video for an overview of lodging your GST return online in MYOB Essentials.



Lodging your GST return online


The GST lodgement report - found under Business reports - is your go-to place for online filing - whether you’re continuing to work with an existing return or starting a new one.




MYOB Essentials will automatically complete your GST return for you, using the data you’ve entered throughout the period.


You’ll be able to double-check the figures, and make any changes if you need to.


egst figures.png


When you’re happy with the return, click Validate to check the figures. The smarts in MYOB Essentials will let you know if any errors need to be corrected.




Once the return is validated and you don’t want to make any more changes, click Finalise.




The return is now complete, and can easily be lodged with Inland Revenue by clicking File.


For more information on lodging your GST return online, check out the MYOB Essentials Help Centre.

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Cover User

Sounds great! But when I hit 'lodgement' I get asked to login to MYOB (again) and then it says 'The numbers don't add up, we can't log you in'!


Back to the manual system for now!