Exciting payroll changes are on the horizon

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Soon your employees’ pay items (earnings and deductions) will be created and assigned in a whole new way. Here are the 2 things you can do to get ready.


What you need to do before the update
1, Review your saved pay runs
Have any saved unfinished pay runs you still need complete? Do it soon, because when we update MYOB Essentials in a few weeks you’ll lose all saved unfinished pay runs. This is because the earnings and deductions used in those pay runs will no longer be compatible after the update.


2. Review your earnings and deductions
Along with updating MYOB Essentials, we’ll be bringing across your existing earnings and deductions so you don’t lose any of your hard work.


However, because every unique pay item needs a unique name, we may need to rename some of your earnings or deductions. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to name it something easy to identify!


Still, now’s a good time to review your employees’ earnings and deductions to avoid any confusion later on.


Tip: Use the same name for identical earnings or deductions. For example, if you assigned two employees a $20 meal allowance, make sure the allowances have the same name (e.g. meal allowance 20). That way, when your pay items are brought across, we’ll combine it into one $20 meal allowance so you don’t have any double-ups.


Got it. So what’ll be different about pay items after the update?
In MYOB Essentials, pay items (earnings and deductions) have always been tied to individual employees. This didn’t offer much in the way of ease or flexibility to businesses that had to replicate the same pay items across multiple employees.


Coming soon, each pay item you create will be saved to a business-wide pay items list. Want to apply the same weekend rate to every employee? Create it once and it’s saved to your pay items list, ready to be assigned to the rest of your employees.


We’ll also be adding a new page where you can view and edit every earning and deduction in your business. Overall, these changes mean less busy work setting up your pay runs, and more time spent doing what you love. Watch this space!

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This is a good update, but I fail to understand , just like how we can create the weekend rate, why can't the system assign weekend rates to employees who fill in their time sheets using Yourpay.

That way the system know the weekend(Saturday and Sunday) rates and will calculate the correct pay itself. This way we will be able to spent even more time what we love and less time doing pay runs. Smiley Happy

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Good update. When we can change the rate  for each  employee, will there be a unit for  paying in kilos also.  

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Agree with JCWL above - when can we have the timesheets functioning to a point where all the varying rates that are applied to each employee be pulled through when doing a payrun. it becomes a nightmare to separate all the hours into their correct rates.

We have employees who have their normal base rate, a commercial rate, weekend rate etc, yet all we can ever have is all their hours banked from their timesheet under the normal rate only. 

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when can you sort out the public holidays there is no option for an employee working on a public holiday and NOT earning an alternate day - they are not always due an alternate day if this is not their normal day worked, I don't think you understand this difference, certainly noone desk does.  Also for years the payruns do not save, if I have to leave the payrun for any reason i.e. to add a deduction to someone when I go back in I have to restart the entire payrun over again.  Help desk do not believe me or understand how unfuriating that is.

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I strongly suggest that with web based software, we should have certain selected from web such as option of selecting rates from awards as well mannual entry be there. The street or home address prefilled to provide accuracy of addresses and there would be other fields as well.


Software developers need to focus more on the reports since no users can customize the reports nor able to select extra fields  they want when software is already collating the data through the data entry.

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Hello, we have standard, overtime and time&half for our staff and all at different rates due to different awards and levels of study. 

So having a company wide "overtime" rate cant work for us.  So say we have 10 employees at 10 different overtime rates am I going to need to set up 10 "overtime" items - "overtime Tom", "overtime Sally" and so on?

Sorry but I fail to see how this is an improvement.



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I agree about losing all the work done because you need to change a minor detail with one emplyee right at the end of the run ... I am usually audible within the office every time. I am also wondering if you are going to update the hourly rates to allow more than just 2 decimal places when 3 or more is the norm in just about every other pay system?

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The biggest problem with pay runs is not being able to reconcile multiple payments to one pay. Some of my empoyees want their wages split into different accounts and sometimes we pay monthly pays in two different payments to help with cash flow

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So we have apprentices and tradesmen on different years and earning working normal time, overtime, and Saturdays, seems to me that this update is going to cause me a world of pain.  Each employee currently has their own normal, overtime, etc. rate but the descriptions are the same, are you saying I will have to create a new earning for each of them to be able to individualise their pay rates or am I missing something?  The company wide rates don't work for us as every single employee (we are a small business) is on different pay rates, there have no business-wide rates, not one.


Perhaps you should offer the option of staying with the current individual employee based pays, or moving to the new business-wide option.  I'm sure many small businesses will find this a difficult transition.

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Hi @SamKlann


The up and coming changes are intended to have the one business-wide pay item for each earning or deduction, so multiple pay items don't need to be created by per employee. Only one pay item will need to be created and can be used by multiple employees.


As you have mentioned, there may be situations and payroll setups where these changes don't affect the business in the short term, however, we do feel that having the one pay item list and only needing to create the one in the future would be a change in the long term. 

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Well thanks @Steven_M that is probably helpful to save us going into each person to individually add 'Public Holiday' into Earnings/Deductions Tab, however as previously mentioned above, could you please sort out the fact that I only have to do that one because your system won't give me a Public Holidays without adding an Alternate Day, plus deletes the payrun when I do (and from comments I am not the only one).  Look forward to your reply on that and please tell us do you guys actually sit down with real-live users to test things out or are you all hypothetical software and accountants people without real-live interactions?  Regards.

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Hi @DavidCorpcat .

I have overcome this problem of matching several payments to one payroll.  In the Payroll settings, I have changed the bank account to my "CONTRA" account.

When I do payroll now, everything comes out of the CONTRA account and then I just do a "Transfer funds" in banking from the Cheque account into the CONTRA account for each persons pay that needs to be split.

This allows me to do multiple transactions and match up againt the one payroll.

If you have a large payroll, make sure you do this first only for those emplyees that need split payments then go back into Payroll settings and change the bank account bank to the cheque account (or wherever you pay comes out of) before paying the rest of the staff.


Make sure you go and reconcile the CONTRA account.


I hope this helps as it works for me.


I hope this will still be the case in the new payroll or you will make allowances for multiple payments? @Steven_M



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 Hi DebbieChen,

Your workaround is a good one if you know what you're doing. What about all the non-accounting-savvy people this product is supposed to be aimed at? There needs to be a simple, built-in function that allows multiple bank entries to be applied to one payroll entry.

I'm in favour of a common list of pay items, so long as they are able to be saved at different rates for different employees, which is what I think is going to happen. 

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Thanks for the latest update information. We use Essentials as we have one emplyee. When calculation each fortnightly pay the pay roll sysytem does not calculate the work cover expense or liability. As Essentials calculates the superannuation why can it not calculate work cover?

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No doubt these changes to Essentials are due to the Australian Tax Office's introduction of STP reporting - Single Touch Payroll - , from 1 July 2018, for organisations with 20 or more employees. Similar changes would be coming to AccountRight "live" too - see the new STP Pay Categories already in v. 2017.2


Organisations with 19 or fewer staff have until 1 July 2019, before they have to move to STP
- via a move to STP-enabled software such as Essentials or AccountRight 2017.2

>> AccountRight v.19 will NOT be upgraded for STP (as I understand).

Those users who need to keep using v. 19 for the moment, due to their need to use one of it's  features, that's not currently in AccountRight 2017

- partcularly the multi-currency feature - can use a special exemption granted by the ATO, allowing them to keep using it until 31 May 2019, by which time MYOB will have released an update to version 2017, which will have these extra features.


Kym Yeoward CPA (Darwin)


P.S. Britain moved to STP in 2014 & France in 2016




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When can we get an easy action processed i.e. Pay list in alphabetical Order by Surname, NOT First name.

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We have a logistics company.

We pay our drivers by kilometers driven (this can be up to 6060km a week), and each driver has a different km rate. 

There is no option for us to enter the number of kilometres, so we had to create a category "amount paid for kilometres", then just type in the calculated figure. 

Would be great if we had the option to just enter in the "km's", enter in the "cents paid per km" and MYOB automatically calculated it for us (rather than us having to do calculations on a spreadsheet to get the final figure, then enter this figure into MYOB

I havent found Essentials very user friendly, and it really doesn't cater to our type of business.  

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Hi @CAAI15 and @Cindy-OTL,


I can see the benefit of your ideas and how they could benefit others. I would suggest posting them as ideas on our Essentials Idea Exchange (click here to open). This would mean that others can view, vote for and discuss your idea.  The votes received would help our developers to identify the trend, and prioritise their work.

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We have been waiting for the introduction of RCTIs which have been in the mill for 3 years,, how about have this added??Y

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We have been waiting for the introduction of RCTIs which have been in the mill for 3 years,, how about have this added??

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Can we have a day rate was well, as that is how i pay my casuals, currenlty have to work out an hourly rate for each othem over a nominal 12 hours.

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Is the update the reason why our automatic bank feeds have stopped working? Ours stopped working since January 2018. Kindly advise.

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Seems the "exciting changes" have excited Clients...


Perhaps MYOB may need to consider using sector based Focus Groups to gather Clients input on future functionality and then survey any proposed enhancements with their wider Client Community. Research budgets should include outreach activities not solely technology activities. I would hazard a guess that Essential Clients are usually busy business people who are focussed on their own businesses operations rather then helping MYOB business analysts with their work..


The Essential Ideas Exchange is great for Bookkeepers and Accountants but Essentials target market is small business people. I dont think the comment that forum posters, reacting to an issue that is going to impact them negatively, should place their ideas in the Ideas Exchange is particularly useful... especially when there is never any acknowledgement by the Provider that their idea is ever going to see the light of day (hint).


Small Business people expect providers of their accounting systems to have researched and analysed the needs of their target markets before releasing functionality - Business Analysis 101. Whilst the pending functionality may be a necessary response to a different business issues (eg STP), releasing it as a functionality enhancement is questionable - I'm not suggesting this is the case, only one Post suggests it may be the case. AccountRight payroll is more flexible but is also unable to address the issues raised in the Posts (eg multiple Overtime Rates and Timesheets).  I think the main issue at hand is that the solution will cause more work for clients in some instances.


Anyway, I think these Posts provide food for thought for MYOB in that more effort is required in meeting the needs of its Target Market.


Lets hope that Tim encourages his team to take more notice of his Essentials constituents.... 




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Hi @Peculair


I’ve followed up with our bank feeds team, and gotten them to check into why you haven’t been receiving the feeds. From what they can see the affected accounts were applied for and then cancelled on another MYOB Essentials account, which as a result interrupted the feeds.


To resolve this you will need to reapply for the bank accounts through MYOB Essentials. Once this application has been completed then the feeds should be available relatively quickly.




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Thanks Neil. As suggested, I have now applied for the bank accounts through MYOB Essentials and have entered the MYOB activation code in my onlie banking set up. I hope it works soon. Thanks in anticipation.

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.We also need to be able to allocate different wages packages to differing cost centers. I cant do it and I am told it cant be done. please advise if it can be done.