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Get the most out of your invoices

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What can strengthen your brand, present a more professional image of your business and possibly get you paid faster? Why it’s your invoices. Let’s take a look at getting the most out of your invoicing.


Watch this quick video for an overview, then read on for more detail.





Compulsory, but not so exciting...


Let’s get the essential stuff (no pun intended) out of the way first. You’re required by law to have certain information on your invoices.

At the very least, you need to include the words Tax Invoice, your business name and GST number (NZ) or ABN (AU), as well as the date of the invoice, a brief description of items sold, their price, the GST amount for each item and totals. You can find out more details from Inland Revenue or the ATO.


The good news is that MYOB Essentials helps you tick all of those off the list, really easily.


The fun part – adding personality to your invoices


Start by selecting the type of invoice that suits what you sell. (Go to The Settings menu and select Invoice and quote settings).




If you sell items, or items and services, choose the Items layout. It shows more detail, including item number, units and unit price for each line on the invoice.


set terms & Payment.png


Now that’s set, add some personality to your invoice, starting with your logo.


From the Styling and themes tab, you can click the link to upload your logo. Then play around with its size and where you’d like to place it on your invoice.


(Hot tip: Click Preview to see how your invoice is looking while you make changes.)




Then select which of your business details you want to include on your invoice. Add your website or email, and mix and match whatever details you want to include.


business details.png


Select one of the available themes and add any colours you’d like. Here’s how my logo and business details work on the invoice.


logo and business details.png


If you’re feeling more creative, you can design and load a header image of your own. (Check out the help for a blank template to get started.)




Which will definitely change the way your invoices look.




If you use window faced envelopes to post your invoices to customers, you can just select the option Position address for windowed envelope, and the header will resize to keep your customer’s address in the window.



The reason you're in business – Getting paid


Yeah, you love what you do, but getting paid to do it is fairly important. We’ve covered ways to get paid faster by Setting terms and sticking to them, and invoicing early and providing easy payment options in previous posts.


So, now that you’ve styled your invoice, it’s time to set your terms, and provide your customers with a way to direct debit their payment to your account.


 set terms & Payment.png


Finally, send a brilliant email along with your invoice, by creating a default in the Default email tab.


If you need to send your terms and conditions, or you want to include a new pricing letter, you can attach other documents when you send your invoice.




Don’t forget, you can send invoices from your mobile using the OnTheGo app. Download the OnTheGo app from the App store for iPhones, or Google Play for Android.


**Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback about invoicing, by commenting or voting on the community forums, through our in product surveys or by user testing with us.**