Link attachments to your Spend money transactions

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Having a proof of purchase document against transactions isn’t just handy, it’s important for compliance. In Essentials, you can now attach files against Spend money transactions. Plus, you can link your Spend money attachments to your Bank transactions. 


It's simple to attach a file against your Spend money transactions – all you need to do is select a Spend money of choice, hit the Attachments button and drag and drop your file.


If you've created a Bank transaction with an attachment, you can also link it to a Spend money transcation through your transaction history. Learn more.

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Hi, just upgraded thinking this would also be in AccountRight.  It seems not Smiley Sad  Is this feature going to be added to AccountRight please?

I'm so hoping it will be soon, as I've scanned all my receipts into my computer in readiness.  Please advise.

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Hi @Aileen_6300 , 

At the moment, the In tray and Spend money are not connected in AccountRight BUT you should be able to drag and drop your files into your Spend money transactions. This link shows you how:

Let me know if that helps Smiley Happy 

– Tali