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Make tracking your invoices and paying your employees even easier

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Tracking your invoices and paying your employees has never been easier. With online invoices, you can stay on top of your invoice activity without leaving your software. And with the ability to pay your employees using an ABA batch file, your pay run has become more efficient - saving you time and hassle.


Online invoice tracking


You can now send your customers to online versions of their invoices, and see when they open the email and view the invoice.


To start using online invoicing, go to the Invoices page in MYOB Essentials and click Upgrade your invoices.



upgrade button.jpg


Once you’re using online invoices, whenever you send an email to your customers, they’ll receive a link to view their invoice online.



customer invoice.png


By default, they’ll no longer receive a PDF copy of their invoice. You can choose to continue sending invoices as PDFs on the Payment options tab of the Invoice and quote settings page.


enable pdf.png


Whenever your customer opens the email or views their invoice, you’ll be able to see it at the bottom of the invoice. You can also see if the email wasn’t sent successfully, so you can follow up. This section will also show any payments received, discounts or credits applied to the invoice, and refunds given.



Pay your employees electronically (Australia only)


When you do a pay run, you can now download an ABA batch file that you can use to pay your employees electronically. This means that you no longer have to worry about manual data entry or processing errors when entering a pay run.


You can set this up on the Payroll settings page.


payroll settings.png


You’ll need to set up bank details for each of your employees on their Employee details tab before you can pay them electronically.


When you finish a pay run, you’ll be able to download the bank file. Just save it to your computer, and upload it to your online banking portal to pay your employees.


pay run complete.png