Making it easier to manage MYOB Essentials subscriptions

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Hey there Accountants,


If you buy MYOB Essentials subscriptions on behalf of your clients, managing those subscriptions just got easier.


The Partner Dashboard now has a Bureau column, so you can see at a glance which businesses you pay the subscription for and which are paid for directly by your client. You can even sort your businesses by the Bureau column, grouping together all the subscriptions you pay.


bureau files.png


If you’re just starting out with buying MYOB Essentials subscriptions, here’s a quick guide to getting up and running.


First, get in touch with your Partner Manager to organise purchasing MYOB Essentials subscriptions. (They can offer you a special price.)


When you’ve purchased these subscriptions, they’ll appear in your Partner Dashboard, ready for you to set up for your clients. You’ll be able to tell which ones they are by the tick in the Bureau column.


Unlike other files you might set up, you don’t need to transfer ownership of the business to your client. Instead, invite your client to access their file. To do this, open the business, and select Users from the setting menu.




Then enter your client’s details. We recommend adding them as a Standard User, rather than an Administrator.




When your client accepts your invitation, you’ll be able to work together on their MYOB Essentials business information together. 


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Hi, Can we clone the chart of accounts within the bureau clients? 

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Welcome to the Community Forum @JaysonSatyawe hope you find it beneficial for your MYOB queries.

Unfortunately Essentials does not have a feature to import & export the Chart of Accounts therefore they cannot be cloned for a bureau clients. You might like to post your suggestion on the AccountRight Idea Exchange for consideration by our product development team.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again for further inquiries.

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yes you can clone Chart of Accounts.  when you set up a new client from inside your Partner Dashboard, you can select what chart of accounts you want to use and use an exsisitng file to clone the Chart of Accounts.

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Thank you for your enquiry, @JaysonSatya.


@Anil is absolutely right, when creating a new business from the Partner Dashboard, you have the option to either pick from a range of available chart of accounts or copy / clone the chart of accounts of an existing file. 


However this is not the case with Bureau clients. Since Bureau clients are all loaded into the partner dashboard in one hit, there's no way to clone the chart of accounts. They're all set to a standard.


I hope this helps clarify the matter. Please do post again should you have any further queries.