Managing your pay items just got easier

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You can now create, edit and delete your pay items from the Pay items page, saving you heaps of time in setting up and organising your payroll.


What’s new?
Now you can create, edit, and delete pay items from the Pay items page.


But don’t worry – you can still manage them directly your employee’s pages, just like always.


payitemsmenu.pngThe new 'Pay items' page lists every pay item you created.


Creating pay items
If you want to create and earning or deduction, start by clicking Create earning or Create deduction.

 2 create earning deduction.pngAdd a new pay item by click Create earning or Create deduction.

Because you’re creating this item in the Pay items page, it’s not linked to any employees yet. To link it, simply go to an employee’s page and select it from the drop down list.


Editing and deleting pay items
Want to edit or delete a pay item you’ve already created? Click the ellipsis button (…) next to the item and select Edit or Delete.


Editing a pay item will affect that item for all employees and saved pay runs that are linked to it, but won’t affect historical pay runs.


Deleting a pay item will remove it from all employees and saved pay runs that are linked to it, but won’t affect historical pay runs.


3 edit delete pay item.pngEdit or delete a pay items by clicking the ellipsis button and selection Edit or Delete.


What’s this ‘ATO reporting category’ field? (Australia only)
ATO reporting categories are part of Single Touch Payroll (STP) - a new ATO reporting requirement coming later this year (if your business has 20 or more employees). If and when you start reporting using STP, every pay item in your business needs to be assigned an ATO reporting category to accurately report payroll information to the ATO.

Want to know more about STP? See the Single Touch Payroll online help page.

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since you have done this update it has certainly made my pay runs messy. I used to be able to creat and add the required info in the employee level, but now it includes comments like super included. It's such a pity that this was done as what used to look like a professional pay now looks like a ammature and messy. I've very dissappointed withthis new look and my staff have all commented negetively to the change. 

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I totally agree Graham70. I can only imagine what your payroll summary turned out like (if it is anything to go by mine)....I have 6 employees all on different pay rates, over time and double time rates etc etc.......for each employee the name of the pay item had to be different.....what a joke!!!! So annoyed!