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Easily manage and customise the finer details of your employee’s pay in the new Earnings/Deductions tab in your employee’s profile.


Formerly known as the Additions/Deductions tab, the new Earnings/Deductions tab offers a tidier, cleaner layout to create and manage your employee’s earnings (e.g., weekend rates, commissions, bonuses) and deductions (e.g., union fees or child support statements (New Zealand)).


The new Earnings/Deductions employee tabThe new Earnings/Deductions employee tab

Any pay types you created in the Additions/Deductions tab will have been migrated to the Earnings/Deductions tab. Still, it’s best to double-check that your earnings and deductions have been set up correctly before your next pay run.


Check out this video for a quick walkthrough of the new tab, then read the Set up earnings and deductions help page for more information.



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Unfortunately MYOB has introduced rpetty bells and whistles while still not fixing a basic problem with MYOB Essentials.

Any employer who pays holiday pay plus leave loading as recommended by MYOB effectively is crediting the employee with double hours. Try it for your self. Pay your emplyee 38 hours leave, plus 38 hours leave loading. Process it. Then go to emplyee's pay history and the hours worked for that last period will state 76 hours worked.


MYOB have known about this for over 2 years. I personally reported it and I have seen other comments the same. MYOB have failed to fix it and state that it is irrelevant. It will be very relevant should an employee take an amployer to court in realtion to under payment. Who is the court going the believe? The empoyer or the payment record that says the employee has worked X number of hours or the MYOB record that says the employee has worked X hours plus 38 hours?


See ya in court MYOB......

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Another area that I think the software is deficient in is if you have to delete a pay - the entitlements are not updated to the reflect the reduction that the deletion results in.  It is difficult to modify this area also and as the entitlements are printed on the employee's pay slips they need to be accurate - that's what the employee would expect if he left the organisation.


I also find it difficult that when I go to payroll reports, select a payroll for the year and ask for detail, I only get a summarised version of the annual statement for each employee.  There needs to be the ability to either export all the data to an excel spreadsheet so we can check each pay and each item in that pay should the need arise.  This type of a report would enable us to track sick, annual leave etc should the need arise.