More flexible matching and easily track annual and sick leave (New Zealand)

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Apply partial payments to bank transactions


If you’ve received a partial payment towards one of your invoices, or paid an instalment towards one of your bills, you don’t have to wait for the whole payment to go through before you can match it to your bank transactions.


In your bank feed, just expand the transaction and click the Match transaction tab. Make sure you set the filters to show all transactions, not just those matching the amount of the payment.




In the list of unmatched transactions, choose which ones to match the payment to.


If the payment is less than the amount of the transaction, the unpaid amount is shown in the Amount remaining column. You can see the original amount of the transaction next to the transaction description.




If you’ve already matched the payment to multiple transactions and you have a leftover amount (for example, if a customer has paid you a lump sum towards all of their invoices), the process is the same. You just need to make sure you’ve accounted for the full amount of the bank transaction before you can save.




Invoices won’t be marked as paid until the full payment has been received.



Annual and sick leave reports (NZ only)


The new leave reports for New Zealand let you easily track your employees’ annual and sick leave. See leave entitlements at a glance, or dive deeper to view detailed breakdowns of available, taken and remaining annual and sick leave balances.


By giving better visibility to holiday pay and clearly showing when accrued leave rolls over to available leave, these reports make it easy to check entitlements and find the information needed to answer employees’ questions.


You can access these reports from the Reports page in MYOB Essentials.


LeaveReports - ReportsPage.png


Just choose whether you’re looking at annual leave or sick leave, set your filters and choose how much detail you want to see in the report:


  • Summary report – see each employee’s leave entitlements at a glance
  • Detailed report – see a detailed breakdown of each employee’s leave entitlements by pay period, including leave available, accrued and taken, as well as the hourly rate paid for leave.

 LeaveReports - Filters.png




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Why is the Annual Leave and Sick Leave Report unavailable to Australian users?

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Hi @User1


In terms of New Zealand Payroll, annual leave and holiday pay are a lot more complex than Australia. This does mean that there is more reporting options to ensure that employers are making sure that they do comply with the standard Holidays Act.

If you would like to see a leave report in MYOB Essentials for Australia I would be showing your support for MYOB Essentials - to provide Leave Entitlement Balance Detailed Report on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange. You can show your support for an idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange by selecting the + VOTE button to the left of the idea's name.