More flexible matching for bank transactions

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If you’ve received a partial payment towards one of your invoices, or paid an instalment towards one of your bills, you don’t have to wait for the whole payment to go through before you can match it to your bank transactions.


In your bank feed, just expand the transaction and click the Match transaction tab. Make sure you set the filters to show all transactions, not just those matching the amount of the payment.




In the list of unmatched transactions, choose which ones to match the payment to.


If the payment is less than the amount of the transaction, the unpaid amount is shown in the Amount remaining column. You can see the original amount of the transaction next to the transaction description.




If you’ve already matched the payment to multiple transactions and you have a leftover amount (for example, if a customer has paid you a lump sum towards all of their invoices), the process is the same. You just need to make sure you’ve accounted for the full amount of the bank transaction before you can save.




Invoices won’t be marked as paid until the full payment has been received.




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This upgrade is great, but I have a client who has paid 2c more than the invoice balance (must be due to GST calculations differening).  Only way I can see to match the invoice to payment is create a 2c invoice.... any other suggestions?


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Hello @Cozikan


You can record the overpayment by selecting 'take payments' from the sales menu. Enter the full amount actually paid (including the extra 2c) against both the total amount received and the payment amount for the invoice. This will create a small customer credit you can settle against a future invoice to the customer. It'll also create a payment transaction you can match to the bank feed rather than matching the invoice to the bank feed.

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why on my iPhone7 can I not take payments when a client pays in cash ? and he requires a invoice for this payment. ? 


So I click on make payment then the next screen is take payment. 

But when you click on a box field nothing comes up ? It's just blank no bank details eg: petty cash / bank details. 


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Hi @wainstyle


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great resource.


Are you able to try clearing the cache on the Chrome app on your iPhone? If you aren’t sure on how to do this, then you may find this article helpful Clear the Mobile Google Chrome and History on iOS.

Clearing the cache censures that there is no previously saved information when the web page loads up your MYOB Essentials file.


Do let us know how you get on with this

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When customers over pay and you go into sales menu and take payment the system will not let you add that payment on to a customer if there is no invoices in system for them.

What do we do then?

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Hi @Tracey15,


To use the Sales > Take Payments window, you do need to have an invoice entered for the relevant customer. Once you've done that, you are able to take overpayments by simply entering in the full overpaid amount in the 'Total amount received' and the 'Payment amount' fields. This will create a customer return that you can refund back to the customer, or apply to a future invoice.





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Hi Tallie,


Wouldn't it be good if this could also be done from the Bank Transactions window when you select to Match Transactions.


It would mean that we wouldn't need to switch between two windows.





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Hi Tracey,


Don't forget that if you wish to apply the credit balance against a future invoice, you will then need to offset the credit balance against the new invoice using the Sales » Process Customer Returns option, otherwise your list of open invoices will continue to show the overpaid invoice with the credit balance outstanding.

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There is a problem with the reports. My clients are in cash basis and when i get the P&L all good is in cash mode, but when i get the balance sheet is coming up in a accrual mode and this need to be fixed asap because the EOFY is on the doorstep and we need correct reports.

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Hi Lucy,


Could you explain a little more about what you mean by a Cash Balance Sheet?


I don't think I have ever come across one before.  By definition, a balance sheet is a report that shows what your business owns and what it owes.  The difference is the owner's equity.





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I have just phoned the helpline to try to find out why the Balance sheet does not give the option of Cash Mode reporting - it is only able to report in Accrual mode.  I operate my business in Cash Mode so I need correct reports. I do not understand how such a basic function is not available! Please can you let me know when this will be available.