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NZ Holidays Act Compliance Release

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MYOB Essentials has been updated with new and improved functionality to support compliance requirements and provide you with more control and visibility when managing leave entitlements.

Annual leave enhancements

If you change an employee’s hours, MYOB Essentials Payroll will prompt you to update the employee’s leave balances on the Leave tab of their employee record.

Here’s an example:


EA Leave enhancements emp hours.png


Then, on the Leave tab you’ll be provided further prompts to help make your changes.


EA Leave enhancements leave tab.png


For all the details on the effect of changing work patterns, see Updating leave balances.

New display options for leave balances

This update introduces the ability to display an employee’s leave balances in Hours, Days or Weeks. You’ll see this on the Leave tab of an employee’s record.


EA Leave enhancements new display options.png

Simplified public holidays

When paying a public holiday during a pay run, a new field called Alternative holidays to apply has been added to the Public holiday worked .


EA Leave enhancements PH calculator.png


This lets you determine whether or not an employee who works on a public holiday is given an alternative holiday.


For details, see our help topic about Paying Leave


Simplified leave rate calculation


There’s now a new field to exclude applicable one-off, or irregular payments from gross earnings when calculating annual leave rates using the OWP formula. This means you don’t have to manually deduct these payments from gross earnings.


Entering a value in this new field will recalculate the hourly rate based on the updated gross.


EA Leave enhancements Ord Weekly.png


For more details on paying leave, see our help topic Paying Leave


Final pay improvements


In this release, the final pay calculation now correctly deducts the amount paid for leave paid in advance.


The way you process final pays won’t change. If a terminated employee has a negative leave balance due to taking leave in advance, their final pay will be calculated correctly.


EA Leave enhancements last day.png



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