New year, fresh look for MYOB Essentials

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Last year, MYOB Essentials received a sleek new look that coincided with our company-wide rebranding.


This latest update brings a host of visual improvements that tidies up the screen and makes navigation a breeze. Here’s what’s new:


Sharper fonts and brighter colours

First, you’ll notice a new font and colour palette across the software.


before and after.jpg

This new style not only brings a brighter, more enjoyable experience to using MYOB Essentials, but also it increases the amount of data that can appear on screen.

New data tables

Similarly, we've added a new data table, which you'll see on the Bank transactions, Invoices, and Bills pages.


For example, here’s what you would’ve seen when creating an invoice:

old table.jpg


Now your invoice data table will look like this:

new table.jpg


The new table design cleans up the heavy interface and makes better use of screen space. This increases the readability of your data, and allows you to work with more information without the need to scroll.

We hope you like what you see. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance your Essentials experience.

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 Why can't it just be left alone - we don't need constant change. If it's an enhancement to improve working functions then fine but it goes back to the old saying "if something ain't broke, don't fix it".

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Hi @Phantom14


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great resource.


Thank you for your feedback regarding the recent changes to MYOB Essentials, I have passed it onto our team for their consideration.


Please don’t hesitate to post any time you have a question.

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Weak, pale grey fonts against a grey/white background???  What is this terrible font??? Gee wizz MYOB brainiaks the change is **bleep** eye straining to read. Please stop your IT geeks from doing stuff just to look clever.  Geez I am finding it hard to even read this post

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The new colour scheme and ( Sharper font ) which aperas to be small is weaker and makes it more difficult to read. When working on date tables such as invoices and quotes the line spacing in the description field has also been reduced so you can only read the line that you are currently typing, the line above or below is either cut in half or disapapers completly.

Suggest going back to a bolder font and increasing the size slightly and shading some of the tables again like they were before this will also make it easier to work with. Enlarginging the tables or making the description field drop down so if you have two or ten lines all the text can be visable. 




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we were not advised that there were changes, colour is weak and eye strain is a concern,  More importantly  now  we cant read full contents of our invoices (which are sometimes 8-10 lines long, cant make changes to invoice content without scrolling...same with purchase orders....also cant copy/paste from our booking system into Essential invoices or purchase orders....have not been able to process ANY work since this update...called yesterday  and was told Myob were aware of the issue and would correct it........fine, my staff are sitting around getting paid for doing nothing.....  can someone advise when this will be corrected please?

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Crikey!  Smaller font, screen doesn't seem as clear .. for heavens sake we're an ageing nation here .. we need bigger not smaller!  Please don't keep changing things that are working fine just to keep yourselfs in jobs!

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Hi @PAM @madlene @APM2015 @Chesterville,


Thank you very much for your feedback about the update, we have passed them to the relevant team.


Improving Essentials Accounting is a continuous focus of our developers, they've released another update over the weekend, the description field now expands properly to display the full text. If you can't see this change yet, please clear the browser cache then try again. 


Please do not hesitate to post again if you have any other suggestions.

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Glad that the description field is fixed it was a real pain. With all the improvement been made when are they going to add the credit card fee when the customer clicks on pay now and selects to use a credit card. This should be high on the prority list as other programs offer this option why is it not yet offered on MYOB Essentials?? 

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The new colours are impossible to accertain what is highlighted and what is not when scrolling through drop-down lists.
The new font is very hard on eye strain during prolonged use.


We want contrasting colours and clear fonts, not fuzzy tiny several shades of light grey on white.



Genuine issues that are over 4 years old cannot seemingly be addressed, but CRAP LIKE THIS can be changed - show me where customers are wanting this ?????


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So glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing eye strain. I've been going home with headaches every night recently and have now worked out why. I have to constantly look away to refresh my eyes and I DON'T wear or need glasses yet so will limit my time doing MYOB stuff - even start looking at other options and move the business to another program if this doesn't get fixed.

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Hi All,


Just about every one of my clients who are using Essentials has complained that it is now harder to read the screen.


How do we get this either improved so that there is greater contrast on the screen or else rolled back?



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I used to be able to see things at a quick glance, and now I have to search to find the edges of the boxes that are meant to highlight things. eg bank feeds and allocating. Why mess with something that wasn't broken? Who complained before that they couldn't see; light grey, grey, extremely fine fonts, no contrast. 


On a positive note, thanks for fixing the "saved" message scrolling problem at the top of the bank feeds page. It was so nice I didn't even notice it, but then I was looking hard at the screen to see if I was ticking the right box with the new look and feel. 

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We don't like what we see, the poor contrast is GARBAGE.
The old version of the invoice (as above) is MUCH clearer particularly with the alternate line colours. The new one is OBVIOUSLY harder to read.
HOW on earth is this an improvement ???

Some kind of response and or acknowledgement of multiple complaints would be nice too.



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Window dressing is all very well, but when are you going to give us a roadmap of actual new features such as those which have been languishing "Under Consideration" for over two years now?

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In relation to the new interface, here is some constructive criticism/help (I tried to find reference to the email of the "boss" that was asking for feedback last time I logged in but couldn't find it so thought best to provide some info here).


Here is a video about the new "flat" interfaces that suggests what most of the problems are in terms of "usability" Without worrying about "style" features (fonts, colours, contrast, etc), or even about placement, this video talks about the visual cues that users use to find elements on the page. MYOB you have broken the rules on so many of these visual cues, so while you're very proud of your new style and look and feel, you've failed to achieve your objective which is to make it easier to use, easier to find buttons and do what we do which is enter new data, select items via tick boxes, and assign correctly attributes to a transaction. We don't need fancy, we don't need style, we need simple, OBVIOUS clickable elements.


For the most part MYOB is easy to use but the new interface has made it harder to use because it's hard to see the difference between things and to identify items on the page. Too flat.... watch the video and it'll explain.




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I posted this elsewhere but it also fits this thread.