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Pay items sorted (pun intended!)

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To manage payroll you need to see what pay items you've got when linking them to your employees and doing a pay run.

We've sorted some of your pay items for you, making it easier to see what you’ve got, pay employees and get on with your day.


Employee pay items

When linking pay items to an employee, you’ll see earnings and deductions grouped and sorted.


Go to Payroll > Employees > Name of employee > Pay items – earnings & deductions.


  • Earnings are grouped by the rate type, with hourly earning listed first, then fixed amounts. These are then listed in alphabetical order of the pay item name.
  • Deductions are listed in alphabetical order.
  • When adding new pay items, they are ordered once you save.

Pay run

During a pay run, pay items are now grouped and sorted so you can more easily see and edit per-hour earnings.



Go to Payroll > Enter pay > Start (or Resume) pay run.


  • Normal pay is at the very top.
  • Pay items are then grouped by rate-based earnings, leave, fixed amount earnings and then deductions.
  • Pay items are listed in alphabetical order of the pay item name within these groups.
  • Leave pay items stay in the same order as before. 


Want to customise the order?

You can enter a number to the start of pay items to set a specific order. For example, 1. Overtime, 2. Meal allowance. Remember, this changes this for all employees who are linked to this pay item.