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Pay units and kms with pay items (NZ only)

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Good news for New Zealanders! Now you can pay employees per unit and per km using pay items.



  • sheep shorn
  • apples picked
  • widgets made 
  • doodads delivered

Whatever unit your employees work with, now you can pay them simply and accurately.

Great! But how does it all work?

Mostly the same as a regular pay item. 


When you create a new pay item you’ll see all the regular options, plus two new ones: per km and per unit.


per unit.png


When you apply this new earning to an employee and process a pay run, the earning will work the same as an hourly earning. You'll be able to adjust the rate (dollars per unit, km, or hour), and set the quantity (number of units, kms, or hours).


apples picked.png


When you’ve finished the pay run you’ll see the quantity and type of earning in your pay slips and pay items reports.