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Smarter, faster allocation from the In tray

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Account coding: The quicker way to allocate your bills
If you upload multiple bills from the same suppliers, you could spend a lot of time remembering where to allocate each line item. Get some time back in your day by selecting a default account for your suppliers from the In tray Create new bill page.


accountcode3.pngChoose an account code to automatically allocate your bill.

The next time you upload a bill from this supplier and create a new bill from your In tray, we'll remember the account you selected and auto-allocate the bill - saving you time and effort. 


Checking your work from the split view
Of course, it’s always best to double-check the document before saving the bill. A quick and easy way to do that is from the split view.


splitview.pngUse the split view to double-check your bill before saving.

From the split view, you can view the uploaded document and the Create new bill page at the same time, so you can do a quick review of the bill and make any changes before saving.

Other improvements and fixes
In this update we’ve tackled a long-standing issue where the cog would spin indefinitely after uploading a document.


cog.pngFixed: In tray cog no longer spin indefinitely.

Now the cog will spin for the correct amount of time of 30-60 seconds. A spinning cog indicates that the document is being read by optical character recognition (OCR) - what we use to pre-fill the details when you create a new bill from the In tray.


For more information on the In tray, see the Uploading supplier invoices online help page.

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That spinning cog was so annoying! Glad you fixed it