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Sorting invoices by purchase order number and other workflow improvements

MYOB Staff Post Erik_V
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In this MYOB Essentials update we’ve added great workflow and stability improvements, and tackled some of the most common errors reported by you.


This update also includes a few of your requests made on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange - look out for the green tick greentick.png  below to see what's been implemented.


Improvements you've asked for

  • No more having to click into each invoice to view its purchase order number. You can now view purchase order numbers from the Invoices page, and sort your invoices by purchase order number - making it easier and quicker to find the invoices you want. Idea: Purchase order number displayed on list of invoices greentick.png

po sort.jpg

po statement.jpg

  • When adding a new customer from the New invoice page or new supplier from the New bill page, you can now enter an ABN and contact numbers. This allows you to enter every customer and supplier detail without having to navigate away from the invoice or bill you’re creating. Idea: Add new supplier greentick.png 


  • ABN and business address details now appear on PDF exports of your Budgeting and Profit & loss reports.
  • (New Zealand only) When adding a new account or editing an existing account, the S15 Standard 15% GST tax rate has been moved to the top of the Tax rate drop-down list.

Here's what else we've fixed

  • You were previously unable to tab through the Bank transactions page and into the split allocation view. You can now tab through your bank transactions and split allocations.
  • Fixed a bug on the Bank transactions page where transactions were duplicated if filters were applied too quickly.
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Hello I am still looking for a way to llink a bill that I have uploaded to a general journal entry for instance : if you personally pay a bill and wish for it to be added agains your currrent account. At this stage we have to keep these item in our in tray.



Super Partner TallBooks
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Hi @Michaelthebaker

I'd suggest raising a bill for the amount paid personally. Then simply pay the bill via a clearing account (you might like to use electronic clearing).

Once this is done you can enter your journal entry to move the amount from the electronic clearing to the drawings/directors loan account.



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Hi There,


One thing that is missing for me is on the quoting page there's only the quote number on the main page and doesnt have a referance that we can add to like the old programme. Much similar to the purchase order columb.


I quote alot of work and when they finally get approved i have to search through the quote numbers to find the job I quoted on so I can hit invoice when its completed and is a massive pain. Costs me alot of time serching back and forth..


Any plans for anything sililar to this in the future?

Hope fully it makes sense.

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My issue is that when emailling my invoices and statements they are sent from 2 different email addresses. I have checked the address and the only one I have listedd is our business one. Statements are emailled from my personal email.???


Is this because when I signed up to MYOB my personal email is what is used to sign in with.?? How can this be fixed?


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Still no delivery docket/packing slip 


I can't understand why. Very dissappointing 

Experienced Cover User bells02au
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Still no remittance advice.


Disappointed as this is still under consideration.


Basic function in our days of being online/electronic.

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I would love to see the option of being able to change background colour and font size.. I would also like to see more options with invoicing and quote setups to be able to add in an additional text box if you are using the full width header image...

Experienced User HSWA
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How about the recurring transactions that have been on the Idea Exchange list for over five years!

Contributing Partner Gab-G1
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hi I'd like a way to adjust leave taken. eg..if staff have requseted and been paid the leave but then the leave is changed somehow. We can't enter negative leave hours for adjustments. I'd also like to see LSL accrual.

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Couple of issues we have:

1) We are unable to see quotes in the MYOB app on the phone or i pad?

2) There needs to be an area than we can move Quotes that we receive the Go ahead to  like a "Go ahead file?"






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Still no customer contact number on quotes/invoices .....

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Fairly new to MYOB and bookeeping is not my area of expertise.


I thought with bank feeds it would automatically recognise payments matching invoice amounts.


Is this possible?? - hopefully i have just missed how to do it. 

Is it correct that i have to manually mark invoices as paid?

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I would like the option to tick ABN or ACN depending on what is required.  I use an ACN number but it appears as the ABN on invoices. This is not acceptable to Government Agencies.  The ABN belongs to the Trust Account while the Trading pty Ltd company has an ACN - this is very annoying. 


Secondly the box to input your business name is too narrow. Long business names are spread over two lines.  I would like to be able to personalise our details instead of having them so spread out.  Aust apears on one line alone - not good. 

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I'm with @HSWA, recurring invoices and general journals have been requested longer than any of this window dressing. For the most part this "update" is a waste of time.
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Lack of recurring transactions has meant that I am ditching MYOB in favour of Xero.  This was first raised 5 years ago and seems to me to be a basic component of any accounting package in todays environment where recurring income is the order of the day

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Yes the invoicing needs to be more customizable. It is too stringent.  We invoice customers based on a percentage of what we sell for them. How is this even remotely possible with your invoicing? And we need to show who we sell to, the amount and then our percentage of what is sold, which is the total invoice. Also, absolutely hate your new fonts and sizes.  This should be custom too. Would have gone to xero if it wasn't so time wasting to do so!

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Still no job tracking? I thought this was something that was going be added by July 2017????

Contributing Cover User Hearts
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I would like the ability to add invoices to spend money transactions