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The payroll details check: making sure your payroll details are all good


Kick-off your Single Touch Payroll setup process by checking your payroll details. This check ensures that all employee, pay item and business info that’s required for Single Touch Payroll reporting meets ATO requirements.


Errors are highlighted, so you can fix these items well in advance of 1 July. The first pay run of the new payroll year will go smoothly, and your people will get paid on time (phew!).


To check your payroll details, go to Payroll > Payroll Reporting.



Click Check payroll details. A page appears listing the results.


From this list you'll see what items you need to fix before you can connect to the ATO and start reporting using Single Touch Payroll.


Employee details changes

We’ve also make a few changes to employee details.


Employee ID is a new field that’s auto generated for each of your employees. You can’t edit it, it’s just a reference the ATO can use to identify payroll information.


Tax file numbers that are missing need to be reentered as the ATO needs the specific reason why there's no TFN for an employee. The new options are:


  • Waiting on TFN declaration - 111 111 111, for a new payee who has not made a TFN declaration.
  • Employee is under 18 – 333 333 333, for a payee under 18.
  • Employee has no TFN or other reason – 000 000 000, if your employee chose not to quote a TFN or does not fit into any of the above categories.

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