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Stay ahead of the game and set up payday filing now

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Payday filing is an Inland Revenue initiative. Employers must payday file from 1 April 2019.


Each time you process a pay, you’ll send your employment information directly from MYOB Essentials to Inland Revenue.


This means no more downloading and uploading the Employer schedule (IR348), or submitting Employer deductions (IR345) to Inland Revenue each month.


Want to set up payday filing now?

No doubt you’re keen to get your business set up ASAP. We get it. Get it done and tick it off your to do list. But, you can only set up payday filing before the start of a calendar month. Here’s an example of when you could set up.



Let’s get started!

Now you’ve confirmed it’s the right time for you to set up, let’s get started.

  1. Log in to MYOB Essentials.
  2. Go to Payroll > Payday filing.

We’ll guide you through each step. Please answer the questions honestly (it’s the best policy, right?). You’ll need to log in to myIR to link MYOB Essentials to Inland Revenue.


Process a pay and check it’s all ok

If you set up in February, the final step is to process a pay. This tells Inland Revenue you’re opting-in early. Confirm that the employment information is submitting by going to Payroll > Payday filing.


It might take a few minutes for the pay run to show up, when it does it’ll have the status of Submitted. This is good news! This means MYOB Essentials has sent the information to Inland Revenue. At the end of the reporting period, Inland Revenue will process all reports and (hopefully) you’ll get a Processed status. If not, check what other statuses mean.


And you’re done. Good on you for getting set up early and happy payday filing!