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What’s a cash flow report?
One of the most valuable reports you can prepare in Essentials, the cash flow report shows the movement of cash flowing in and out of your business over a period of time.


Why is that so important? Think of it as a financial health check-up for your business, answering some vital questions, including “Where did my money come from?” and “Where was my money spent?”


But it’s not all about past performance. You’ll also spot trends in your cash flow that you can focus on to improve your business’s profitability and budget for future financial periods.


Diving into the report
Found with your other Business reports, the cash flow report has the same great display and customisation options as the profit & loss report.

cashflowreportmenu.pngThe cash flow report is found in the list of Business reports.


Choose from a list of standard financial periods (last month, last financial quarter, etc.), or enter your own custom date range.


period.pngChoose from a number of preset periods, or create your own custom date range.


Customise the headers that appear in the report by choosing the right level of detail.


 levelofdetail.pngChoose which account header level you want to display.


Compare your financial period to last year’s performance, or any of your budgets.


 compareto.pngCompare your performance to last year or any of your budgets.


View the report as a bar or line graph, comparing different line items of the report.

 graphs.pngChoose to display the cash flow report as a bar or line graph.

Want to take the report on the go or share it around? Export it as an Excel file or PDF.


export.pngExport the cash flow report as an Excel file or PDF. 

For more information on using the cash flow report, see the MYOB Essentials online help.

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Hmmm... doesn't seem to be working for me.  In both Chrome and Firefox I get a blank page with no filters.  Anybody else experiencing this?



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I tried this for you and it works for me as described

Using latest: Win10 64 bit & Chrome 64 bit v70.0

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Thanks!  must be my setup then

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I am not sure how many clients will understand this report.

The graph was initially working now, after changing items to be displayed, it is not working.

In any case the graph is of little use as you can only show 3 categories, where 5 minimum are required for it to be of any use.


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It would be really great if we could also filter this report into single bank accounts also.