The invoicing improvements you've been asking for (and a little bit more)

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What’s new in MYOB Essentials? In the two weeks since I last talked to you, quite a bit actually.


Here’s a quick summary:


    • The invoicing improvements you want (yes, you can attach documents, and edit the email message you send with your invoices)
    • Easier ways to manage your bank feeds (including changing the linked account in MYOB Essentials)
    • A split view of documents in your In tray to make it easier to compare to the transaction


And here's the detail...


Linking documents


It’s easier to enter details from documents in your In tray


There’s now an even easier way to check the document against the details you’re entering into MYOB Essentials. The split view lets you see both the document and the details you’re entering at the same time.


Invoicing improvements


Send a personalised message to your customers with your invoices


The most voted for feature in the Ideas Exchange is now part of MYOB Essentials!


Put a little more of your business into your interactions with customers by changing the default message you send with emails. Just in time to send a festive season greeting to your clients.


default email text.png


(You can even add information like your customer name and invoice amount into your email, for a really personalised experience for your customers. Just use the Email variables listed.)


Send other documents when emailing invoices and quotes


Always wanted to send your terms or a special offer when you email an invoice or quote to a customer? Now you can add attachments to your emails. (Just don’t get too carried away.)




Multiple emails on customer cards

If you’ve got multiple email addresses for a customer, store them all in your customer card.




When you email an invoice to your customer, the extra email addresses are added to the CC field for you. You can even drag and drop them among the To and CC fields if you really want. 


One place for all your invoice and quote settings


To make it easier to customise your invoices and quotes, the Invoice and quote templates page and the Payment details page are now combined into one location: Invoice and quote settings.


This page is available from the Settings menu.


quotes and settings.png


Change the look and feel of your invoices and quotes on the Styling and layout tab.




Let your customers know how to pay you by entering your details in the Payment options tab.




And update the email that goes out with your invoices, in the Default email text tab.


default email text.png


Easier bank feeds management

The new Manage bank feeds page combines all the things you need to better manage your bank feeds and linked accounts. You can get to this one-stop-shop from the settings menu, which makes a lot more sense, if you ask me.





From here you can link a new bank account or credit card to MYOB Essentials (signup for a bank feed), print the forms to complete the signup (if your bank doesn’t allow you to complete your signup from your internet banking), or cancel a bank feed.




And now, if you’ve linked your bank account to the wrong account in MYOB Essentials, you can switch the account it’s linked to.




Rather handily, we won’t allow you to select an MYOB Essentials account that’s already got a bank or credit card account linked to it.


(Note that some of the new bank feeds management will be available in NZ from today but won't appear in AU until early next week.)


Thanks for the feedback


A lot of the changes here are because you’ve been asking for them, whether through the in-product surveys or feedback button, from commenting on a blog, or voting on the Ideas Exchange.


So thanks to everyone who’s added their voice. We love hearing your feedback and we love that it helps us prioritise what to focus on. We’ll be continuing to work on areas that you’ve given us feedback on so please keep it coming. Also, if your pet peeve or grand idea for MYOB Essentials isn’t included in this list, there’s every chance we’re on to it, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the Ideas Exchange.

Valued Partner Zappy
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Wonderful development. It's an amazing system and new features like this make it all the more worthwhile. I am mightily impressed. Keep up the great work everyone.

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Some nice improvement...


BUT why don't bank feeds work correctly for Credit Cards any more ?

Whats the go with one update per month for Credit Card bank feeds ?


This really make it difficult to use and IMO makes Bank feeds a bit useless.Smiley Sad

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Hi @Zappy,


Thanks for the lovely feedback. So glad to hear that you're pleased with the new features.


Looking forward to continuing this kind of work.


Hi @jrd,

I see you've posted in the forum about your ANZ credit card feed not working since 13 October, and I understand from our support staff that we're looking into that for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.




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Mia there any way the logo size/layout can be made bigger?

At the moment the box provided for your logo doesn't allow you to make it any bigger which in turn doesn't look right when you send or print out the invoice. 

It looks quite out of place and very small tucked into the corner.

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Cover User

Great improvements on the invoicing and quotes.  Really helps with the new editable messages.


Please please please, can you add PURCHASE ORDER creation though.   It’s the real last missing item, you send out a quote in the systems, it gets accepted and then you have to create purchase orders to your suppliers for items before you can go back to the original customer the quote has gone too and invoice then for the services and products you are supplying. At the moment I have to create the purchase order in a another systems that isn’t linked to MYOB and then have to reconcile it back in MYOB one its received before you can invoice..


Really looking for this feature to be added ASAP.

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Thank you for a great program and for your continued work in the improvments.

It would be really nice to be able to email my suppliers directly from the Billing section when I produce a purchase order. I was thinking that this should not be too difficult for you to implement as we are able to send invoices directly to customers once an invoice is produced.


I look forward to your response and for when this improvement is implemented.




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I see several requests for a purchase order system. I second that notion, and add that please please please make it so that the supplier code and references are different to the invoice ones, so we can purchase widgets as 'Widget1' and sell them as 'Widget2'


This is standard functionality with Xero, and I'm really battling with changing over to MYOB without this feature.

MYOB Moderator Merrin
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 Hi @Agesparky,


Customising quote and invoice layouts, including logo changes is a much requested feature, and there is work currently being done on this, so hopefully I'll have good news for you soon.


Thanks for dropping us a line,


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Hi @Stuart_Herring, @cqwats and @TheSparky


Thanks for dropping us a line on the blog, and for adding your feedback about the current purchase order functionality. When we changed the expenses menu to purchases a little while ago, we did receive feedback similar to yours, so rest assured it's on our radar. (Sorry, won't be included this year though).


We're in the process of locking down the roadmap for next year, so if you haven't already voted for improved purchase order functionality on the ideas exchange, then please do - as we'll be using this to help prioritise what to focus on and when.


Thanks again for the feedback,


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Lots of useful stuff there.

How close were we to getting a further search box on the invoicing screen that we can apply our own bit of info to, be it a job number or address?  It is seriously doing my head in trying to sort through a client who we do hundreds of invoices for each month, looking for a specific job. As all we have to go on at present is an irrelevant invoice number and customer name.



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Hi @JulieBeans,


I see you've already added this to the ideas exchange - thanks!


Not sure if the extra requests under this Invoice template options idea are also along the lines of what you're looking for. If so, feel free to vote for this too (considering it already has quite a few votes) and adding a specific comment.


Thanks for the feedback about these improvements being useful. Hopefully we'll be able to add a lot more of the ideas exchange requests in the next year.






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Now the allocate transactions screen in bank transactions is only 2 lines deep - meaning that if we want to allocate a payment to say 20 different invoices it is very time consuming to scroll down the screen, e.g. it takes 3 clicks on the down arrow to show the next invoice. If there are 100 invoices outstanding this can take a very long time to find the 20 relating to the payment in question. Please can the screen be deepened to show more outstanding invoices.

MYOB Moderator Merrin
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 Hi @Markdc,


You're not alone with wanting some changes to the banking transactions screens, and the good news is that it's definitely on our radar. 


Stay tuned, and thanks for sharing your feedback.