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Not using the new banking yet? You've got until the end of October to make the switch. Over the next few weeks, we'll be automatically moving everybody over to the new banking. You'll be able to switch back, but only until the end of October, when the old banking will no longer be available.


If you've already taken a look at the new banking and decided it's not for you, take this opportunity to have another look. Here's what we've added over the last few months:


  • All the same features as the old banking
  • Big speed improvements
  • Ability to match partial payments to transactions


So give the new banking page another look. Need a refresher on how it works? Check out this video. 



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G’day from Brisbane

Please help!

We have not moved to new Banking yet - now obviously we must move, so our concern is when moving will everything just be transferred over and stays the same e.g. the little Notes written to a payment transaction or whatsoever?

Also, unfortunately we have a lot of unidentified or unallocated Payments in our bank feeds and we are working on it at the moment to find and match. That is why we are very concerned about moving to new banking.

Please advise asap that we can eventually take action to prepare things (if we must) before moving to new banking – every help or answer is much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @MGardening,

Great to hear from you. Sorry we haven't made this clearer for you!

When you move to the new banking, all your transactions (including notes and anything you've already allocated or matched) will stay the same. It's only the interface that's changed.

You'll be able to match and allocate all those unidentified and unallocated transactions on the new banking page. In fact, it'll probably be even easier for you to find what you're looking for with the clearer interface and easier searching.

So don't worry. There's nothing you need to do or prepare before switching to the new banking. If you want, you can switch now and take a look. You can still go back to the old version until the end of October if you want to double-check anything.

Happy to help if you've got any more questions!