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Improved performance, updated statements and a tidier layout makes sending customer statements better than ever.


The new customer statements page

The first thing you’ll notice is the sleeker, tidier layout. The new display table makes it easier to navigate your customer list and allows more customer information to fit on the screen.


cs page.jpgThe new customer statements page.


We’ve also improved the page’s overall speed and performance - making selecting and sending customer statements faster than before.


Just want to see those customers with an outstanding balance, or with no balance? You now have more filtering options to see only the customers you want.


Payment options and personlised statements

We’ve also updated the customer statements by making them consistent with the invoices you already send.


Your business logo will now appear at the top of your customer statements, so you can add that personal touch to each statement you print or email.


logo.pngYour customer statements will now show your business logo.


And payment options will now appear at the bottom of your customer statements, making it easier and quicker for your customers to pay outstanding invoices.


How to pay.pngYour payment details now appear at the bottom of your customer statements.

For more information on customer statements, see the Customer statement online help page.